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Britney scored a Top 10 single in UK with every major album she did until 2013

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All of Britney's first consecutive 8 studio albums and her 2 major compilations (in total 10 consecutive albums) produced Top 10 singles in the UK


- Baby one more time ("Baby one more time" #1, "Sometimes" #3, "You drive me Crazy" #5, "Born to make you happy" #1)

- Oops I did it again ("Oops I did it again" #1, "Lucky" #5, "Stronger" #7)

- Britney ("I'm a slave 4 u" #4, "Overprotected" #4, "I'm not a girl not yet a woman" #2, "Boys" #7)

- In the zone ("Me against the music" #2, "Toxic" #1, "Everytime" #1)

- Greatest hits: My prerogative ("My prerogative" #3, "Do somethin" #6)

- Blackout ("Gimme More" #3, "Piece of me" #2)

- Circus ("Womanizer" #3)

- The singles collection ("3" #7)

- Femme Fatale ("Hold it against me" #6)

- Britney Jean ("Work *****" #7)


From her debut in late 90s up until 2013 every consecutive major promoted album she did produced Top 10 singles in the UK chart with "Glory" finally breaking the surprising streak. But still that doesn't hurt the fabulous 10/11 albums with Top 10 hits stat she now has. 

In case you're curious, Christina Aguilera only has 3 major album releases with Top 10 singles in UK, with all, "Keeps getting better: a decade of hits", "Bionic", "Burlesque" and "Lotus" all consecutively failing to produce a Top 10 single there.

It also doesn't mean that Spears's surprising streak is easy to match by more currently relevant acts from her generation, for example her peer Justin Timberlake has released 4 major albums in his career and his 4th album wasn't able to yield any Top 10 single in the UK. 

Spears is considered to be one of the 5 biggest female singles act of all time in the UK. And she had a massive streak of Top 10 entries for about 15 straight years. 

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3 hours ago, Caca said:

the x factor performance of womanizer kinda destroyed her career in the UK imo. Even her biggest flops were top 10s prior to the performance meanwhile real hits like Circus and TTWE missed the top 10

"Circus" (single) only had bad luck with its peak because its actually certified Silver in the UK and has outsold several of her actual past Top 10 singles there. So it sold / performed good, she has Top 10 singles that didn't go Silver. 

The album also sold more than "Blackout" , "Womanizer" found its peak position after the XF performance and almost a year later she went there with the "Circus Tour" and it broke records and was 100% sold out with every date and then got another Top 10 single with "3". Her XF performance didn't really prevent her from having success through 2009. 

"Femme Fatale" didn't get any type of promotion it was released there on its own basically relying on her name, it got a Top 10 single and the album went at least Gold, people forget that before 2007 she used to do massive promo around the world. She didn't do any there after "Circus". 

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