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"Just love me" would be actually good single choice with some changes

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8 minutes ago, BritneyIsPurePerfection said:

Oh no, I won't, I promise, I promise :orly:

Now seriously... Radio is predictible. If you want to have hit nowadays, you have to be predictible too. Sad, but true. :yeaok:

so now we want her to sacrifice creativity/artistry and follow trends to make it on the radio? :sizeup:

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52 minutes ago, BritneyIsPurePerfection said:

A lot of background vocals. Demo sounded so much better without them. And music is so much louder than her vocals. I don't complain about anything else.

I like that part too, but I was talking what would be better commercially and generally for radio/GP. Couldn't agree more about collabs, that's why I said I want solo third single. :)

Oh okay. I don't think harmonizations are a form of "overprodiction" unless they are completely overdone and sounds like an orgy.

ie : 00:23

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8 minutes ago, nevermind said:

so now we want her to sacrifice creativity/artistry and follow trends to make it on the radio? :sizeup:

You have the point here. I always chose quality over quantity. But just look at "Glory"... It's amazing record, probably one of the best Britney ever recorded, but yet criminally underrated. "Make me" is easily one of the best songs released this year and it wasn't even big hit. I don't know about you, but it kinda hurts me to see how people are paying the dust to her like that. As long as we got album versions, I don't mind about remixes. :soyeah:

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1 hour ago, BritneyIsPurePerfection said:

Song is kinda overproduced. Her raw vocal in that leaked demo snippet sounded million times better. The track needs less production and more focus on her raw vocal. Also, I can see some rap help from Drake or Future or Ty Dolla Sign instead of "Oh no, I won't, I promise, I promise. Oh no, I won't, ask you for nothing" part. I feel like radio and GP would it eat it up so easy that way. But to be completely honest, we need some solo third single and break from all of this collaborations we got lately. It would be maybe good choice for fourth single. :)

The vocals weren't raw they just didn't have any back up vocals


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