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My swimming coach called Britney a tart

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I'm part of my university's swimming club and I go to it every Thursday night. Last week the coach asked me if I had a Twitter account and I told him I did and I said that it was a Britney fan page. He went off on one about 'that tart' and seemed amazed that anyone could be a fan :idkney: I was fuming and told him there was nothing wrong with being a Britney fan. Why are some people like this?! Why can't some GP just accept us and respect the fact that everyone has differen tastes? :donewithit:

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2 minutes ago, Mantequilla said:

Lol, I hate people like that. Who do people have to be rude about things that make you happy? Like, why are you so bitter? :howiroll:

people are hateful sis. haven't u been online for the past 3 years? human soul have become poof :ehno:

EDIT: wait why is 'ro tten' censored to 'poof'? wtf?

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Guest I Think I'm Ready Now

Tell him that instead of teaching people to worship money and beauty like Kardashian, Britney teaches us that you can turn your life around after reaching the lowest point :arianabye:

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