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(DigitalArt) Britney Spears "A Dream"

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4 minutes ago, SexyJeans said:


Could have been a cover 

Just now, iaslave4u said:


4 minutes ago, Hypnotherapy said:

I swear fans are more talented than the hired professionals. Awesome work :clap:

I think Britney's team should make some competition or something for make a cover Art or poster etc. so they could choose some new artist for making for them promo stuff, It would be great :ahhh:


Just now, Tittywitty said:

:saycheese: great job!

1 minute ago, Candy Lotion said:

I enjoyed watching that. Nice job!

1 minute ago, BreatheMe said:

That's ******* perfect :crying4:

Thank you :crying4:


2 minutes ago, CriminalLegend said:

OMG! You are a genius, so talented!

I love the final work but I love even more the "theatre version" ... so iconic!


Oooh, thanks! At first I made Theatre. I wanted to make some drama theme with scene or something but then I got an Idea about clouds, mystery etc. so it would look like a dream of her :brityes:

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1 minute ago, Erreur 2 La Nature said:

Wow :o

I've watched your video and this is really impressive. I could not do something like that. It must take a lot of time and a lot of skills in editing. You have talent, you're good at it.

I'm definitely going to save your picture cause it's beautiful and has an atmosphere, I love it. If you plan on doing more pictures please post them on exhale cause your work is impressive !

Oh, thank you :crying4:

Yes, I'm planning do more. I have some ideas in my mind.
Hopefully I will do them soon ;)

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1 minute ago, BritneyJoanne said:


i watched the video, it's so perfect, and detailed, i really loved it.

congratulations, you are incredible. do you work with that kind of stuff? because you're certainly a pro.

Thank you. I'm glad u like it :crying11:
I just do arts in 2d/3d cuz I like to do creative stuff, but I don't see myself as a pro, but thank you, it means alot for me :crying1:;)

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