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Spotify Update! [07.10.16]


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1 hour ago, SlayOut said:

#TeamLMD streaming overtime, I see? :shameless:

Slumber Party and JLuvM remain unbothered :shameless:

ikr? :shameless:

#TeamLMD must be so pressed now :shameless:

19 minutes ago, PlayingItSafe said:


Well, Clumsy was a single off the album. The other singles were Make Me, Do You Wanna Come Over? and Private Show. 


I can't at B Army calling for a second single when we've already had 4 singles this era :(

i got what you are saying but... throwing a song out there is now consider to be a single? :usher:

if so, they why do they post 2 polls on her social network for people to choose the 2nd single of Glory? :ohi:

nice try tho :weusay:


anyway, Do You Wanna Come Over, Slumber Party and Change Your Mind remain the biggest ups of the album so slay a bit i guess :shameless: each of them can be a safe single for me :saycheese:


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