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1 minute ago, Glorificus said:

Exactly... She could totally do this...

It's her best album to date and she should really take full advantage of that fact.

I think we all just have to support the album (everything including the MM MV video) full force and she'll see right away how much she is supported.

Her team also needs to give her the best singles possible! We need Slumber Party as the second single for sure! Then Just Luv Me! :myjam:

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I honestly think the reason why Circus was so successful for her was because of the World Tour. When she comes to your part of the world, everyone (stans, fans and the GP especially) get really interested in her again and her music sells well.

If she doesn't tour with this album I feel it will get overlooked to some extent.

2 minutes ago, chris_fives said:

wasn't she supposed to be there till the end of 2017?

if she doesnt sign new contract...

Oh I must have missed that, I thought she was only there till Feb. :smokney2:

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6 minutes ago, Silhouette said:

She's gonna have POM shows for the rest of 2017 tho, they just haven't announced the dates yet, she wouldn't have the time or the energy, but I hope she eventually adds more songs of Glory to POM :myjam:


2 minutes ago, Brian♥Ryan said:

No. She's still on contract for Vegas, so no Glory tour. Maybe next album.

I just think this whole Vegas thing is so ******* LAZY of her. I've never liked the idea of a residency. :nochillbrit:

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