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Will any respected director work with Britney again?


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She has burned bridges now with Joseph Kahn and David Lachapelle. Britney is going to have a bad reputation now with directors because they won't have any faith that their vision will be captured. It's basically going to be like Britney's interviews, paint by number and scripted.

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3 minutes ago, Da Fr3ak said:

Wasn't it rumored that RCA loved it, but she didn't. I thought that was the first rumor we heard about it being scrapped. :truthtea:

Imo i dont think she has a problem

shes in red glitter

shes with g eazy when that **** scene is being shot

u cant back away from that if u already agreed to do those scenes in the first place

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Didn't David specifically come out of retirement solely to work with Britney on this video? Just like when she dragged Francis out of retirement for Circus. At least Circus was iconic. Now I wonder if she and her team were always like this and we just never knew due to lack of internet back in the day. Hell, even 2011 (and thus FF) wasn't as advanced and connected as it is today so we might not have gotten information about those videos. HIAM more than any of the others seems like it would've fallen into the same **** that WB, Perfume and MM have.

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Guest Cold As Fire
21 minutes ago, Brian-Ryan said:

I thought Joseph filmed the new video?

The "new" one was filmed by one of the most basic directors ever, Randee St. Nicholas.

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1 minute ago, Cold As Fire said:

The "new" one was filmed by one of the most basic directors ever, Randee St. Nicholas.

Well I'm sure he will more than happy to produce all of the videos for Glory. Some of it already filmed for him for Make Me. Just imagine what he can do all by himself. :orly:

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Okay but who cares if shes "burned bridges" with them this wouldnt be the first time a artist has not released LaChappelles work or had issues with him and Joseph Kahn? Anyway. Yall would swear that those 2 are the end all be all of directors its just so funny how yall think the industry works. People know Britney isnt a difficult person to work with everyone has the nicest things to say about her and thats how you maintain good business relationships with people. Nobody is gonna turn down work with Britney Spears because of this, please get real.

Also didn't Rolling Stone already confirm RCA wouldnt release the video? Not Britney soo.. :tiffeyeroll:

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