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Pokémon and Britney Spears

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So, as a fan of Pokémon and Britney Spears since I'm 5 years old, I've always made a connection between my life and whatever is going on at the moment with Pokémon and Britney Spears. I'm always talking about how those franchises or brands or however you wanna call it, are very related, and have followed similar paths all these years.

So I always wanted to make a chart or something to make a bigger comparison between the two, and I finally did it. However the coincidences are actually even more, and more precise but that would require deeper research for exact dates and stuff, and more space lol

Most of you probably won't understand, but I know some of you also like Pokémon too, and will share your points of view. I know, the explanations I provide aren't as precise, or clear, but I tried to reduce them as much as possible to fit it all in one chart. Especially 2013 was the most similar year, because there were new information and rumors coming out every month or every week, both for Pokémon and Britney, and they used to come the very same day. It was crazy, because we had days without news, and suddenly one day I would wake up, to find there were tons of informations about Pokémon, and Britney too, and I just didn't have enough time to check all of it. But that kind of details aren't on this chart. but anyway, here it is.

I hope you can see the full size britney_spears___oopsy_by_pokemonspears- Otherwise, you can check it on my DeviantArt account here



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You did such a fantastic job with this chart. I've always been privy to Britney and Pokemon sharing a history, but I didn't realize they came out in the same year. That's so cool. The whole thing is also so aesthetically pleasing. Plus I've been a fan of Pokemon since the start - I'm so excited for Sun and Moon btw. :pumped:

Also slightly off topic, but I'm actually writing a huge research paper/project on pop music and Britney is one of my case studies. I would really appreciate it if you could tell me how you made this - it would help so much with the aesthetic of my project. :bop:

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Omg the level of detail!!! Im really impressed with the dedication you put into making this from the arrangement to the underlying pictures on the right behind the text!!


So does that mean we can expect Britney's album to come out around the same time as Pokemon Sun and Moon??

And the Britney game to come out around the same time as Pokemon Go????

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I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like this. The amount of nostalgia I have for Pokémon and Britney is unmeasurable, and the two have always been intertwined for me somehow.

Just gotta ask though, how was the "Black and White appealed to a younger audience" part meant? I know that over a half of the Pokémon playerbase are adults who grew up with it, but the brand always does its best to appeal to children, Black and White were the biggest deviation from that. The protagonists were teenagers, the story was much more complex and polarizing and had a lot of adult elements in it (Ghetsis taking in an abandoned orphan and then basically brainwashing and manipulating him while only wanting to obtain power for himself and using the otherwise righteously sounding "Pokémon liberation" as a cover up) and the whole thing felt like the franchise was finally starting to grow up (the villain tried to ******* impale and ****** you in the sequels), then X/Y came along and completely ruined that progression and went back to goofy and overly kid friendly.

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I stopped after the first 151 Pokemon. 

Red, Blue edition are just classics



All this ruby, diamond crap didn´t sit with me...


It was almost the same Pokemon and just too try hard. I mean, after 151 different kinds of Pokemon you just run out of ideas...



I´ll give you an A+ for making a chart though, so much effort.. :mhm:

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