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  1. I appreciate the campiness of it all, and I love how some of the tighter fits highlight his figure, but some of these are not giving: Article: https://www.dazeddigital.com/music/article/54765/1/harry-styles-pleasing-brand-cover-2021-interview.
  2. UK's Wealthiest Young Musicians : 1. Ed Sheeran - £220m (up £20m) 2. Harry Styles - £75m (up £12m) 3. Little Mix - £54m (up £6m) 4. Niall Horan - £52m (up 2m) 5. Louis Tomlinson £45m (no change) 6. Liam Payne - £44m (no change) 7= Dua Lipa - £36m (up £20m) 7= Zayn Malik - £36m (no change) 9. Sam Smith - £33m (no change) 10. Stormzy - £24m (up £4m) The Sunday Times Music Rich List Top 10: 1. Sir Paul McCartney - £820m (up £20m) 2. U2 - £620m (Up £37m) 3. Lord Lloyd-Webber £525m (down £275m) 4. Sir Elton John - £375m (up £15m) 5. Sir Mick Jagger - £310m (up £25m) 6. Keith Richards - £295m (up £25m) 7. Olivia and Dhani Harrison - £290m (up £20m) 8. Sir Ringo Starr - £280m (up £20m) 9= Calvin Harris - £220m (up £40m) 9= Ed Sheeran - £220m (up £20m) 9= Sting - £220m (up £20m) Source: https://www.officialcharts.com/chart-news/sir-paul-mccartney-tops-sunday-times-2021-music-rich-list-as-calvin-harris-and-ed-sheeran-vault-into-top-10__33205/
  3. Harry Styles is set to play a gay policeman in his upcoming film, and it'll include a s** scene where he plans on going full nude. His love interest in the film is co-star David Dawson. The Mirror reports: “Not much is going to be left to the imagination. Harry is throwing himself into this new role and is really excited about the challenge, even though it’s a daunting task. “He always wants to do things that people wouldn’t expect and challenge what people think about him — and this film will really do that.” Exhale, we buying tickets to opening night? Update: here Harry is in costume: Related:
  4. For one reason or another, Harry Styles' SNL promos, in which he transforms into Ariel from The Little Mermaid, are making the rounds on the Internet again. Waiting for the outrage in 3... 2... Related:
  5. Oh to be a fly on the wall to hear Taylor Swift's conversation with Harry Styles. Whoever uploaded this is kinda shady though
  6. The GRAMMYs take place tonight, Sunday, March 14th, at 8pm EST. Performers include Bad Bunny, Black Pumas, Cardi B, BTS, Brandi Carlile, DaBaby, Doja Cat, Billie Eilish, Mickey Guyton, Haim, Brittany Howard, Miranda Lambert, Lil Baby, Dua Lipa, Chris Martin, John Mayer, Megan Thee Stallion, Maren Morris, Post Malone, Roddy Ricch, Harry Styles, and Taylor Swift. Feel free to post about the performances in this topic before, during and after the show. If you'd like to create your own topic about the Grammys and have it considered to be featured on Exhale's homepage, tag your topic with the word "grammys"
  7. KING This visual is a serve and I love the message. Thoughts, Exhale? Related:
  8. Harry Styles made waves when he rocked women's fashion in Vogue. He's doubling down in his new photoshoot with Variety. Thoughts, Exhale? Related:
  9. Noah Cyrus came to Harry Styles' defense, but the wording is racially insensitive. "he wears this dress better than any of u nappy *** heauxz." Candace Owens, who is black, slammed Harry for wearing a dress in Vogue. She said, “there is no society that can survive without strong men. The East knows this. In the west, the steady feminization of our men at the same time that Marxism is being taught to our children is not a coincidence. It is an outright attack. Bring back manly men.” Styles responded (see below). Noah using the term "nappy" is obviously problematic because it typically describes people of color. It's not a good look. BTW, I think Candace Owens is totally wrong in her stance, but I can't defend Noah here. She probably misspoke, but yea yikes. Exhale, thoughts? Related:
  10. Harry Styles is featured in the new issue of Vogue. This man... makes me... feel things... Thoughts on his new photoshoot, Exhale?! Related:
  11. Harry Styles' gender-bending photoshoot for Vogue is getting some criticism from conservatives who feel as if the pictures are challenging what it means to be a man. Notice when I first posted the photos, I didn't focus on the point that Harry was photographed wearing a dress. Instead, I said he was shirtless - I did that because I wanted to normalize it in some way (though I guess I was still low-key objectifying him by pointing out he was shirtless). It shouldn't be so shocking at this point to see a guy wearing a dress. Are we really going to degrade someone for breaking boundaries when it comes to gender norms? Thoughts, Exhale? Does Harry's photoshoot anger you or question what you perceive as manliness? Topic cred Related:
  12. The Closing track Breathe (Outside Japan), Has Fans Convinced a Certain Harry Styles is throughout the track. Mixers think this is indeed accurate. #1. The Girls covered Falling for Radio 1. #2. A Songwriter when asked if the Rumors are True or not. Left this emoji. 👀 Which to emoji users, usual means in the lines. It's like the secret was cracked. #3. Jade, herself on the Confetti streaming party on Twitter when asked by a fan about Harry Styles and Breathe. She can't confirm or deny the rumor, but wants to just milk it to get all the streams. Mixers are convinced it's him. the girls said they had PLANNED a big duet for this album, but it didn't work out. Mixers are convinced on Youtube it's Breathe and it was supposed to be a duet with Harry. Mixers aren't disappointed cos like they said. It's pretty much abd it seals the deal, we were this close to a One direction duet with Little Mix. They take anybody but Zayn. What do you guys think? @Jordan Miller @Slayer
  13. Harry Styles' next single is "Golden." He just released a music video for it. The way this album keeps on giving Thoughts, Exhale?! Related:
  14. Kelly Clarkson covered Harry Styles' "Adore You" on her talk show. Her vocals seriously just get better and better! And "Adore You" is one of my top 10 songs this year. So well written. Fun to see someone with the singing chops nail this. BTW, the eye patch... “I’m sorry I look like a pirate,” Kelly said on her show. “I hurt my eye and I have to wear it. And, so, it’s ridiculous. You’re being interviewed by a pirate today.” Thoughts on the performance? Related:
  15. Harry Styles will play a gay character in an upcoming film titled "My Policeman." There's a synopsis below. He could be either a gay policeman, or a gay museum curator. Some people are upset that they didn't pick an openly gay man for the role. However, Harry hasn't exactly defined his sexuality - some think he panders. I don't see a problem with his participating in this film or playing a gay character at all; he doesn't have to clarify whom he loves. However, I also see where some people are coming from - they could've picked an out gay actor for the job instead. Thoughts, Exhale? Related:
  16. Harry Styles has a big 🍆, according to a writer named Gordon Smart. Smart says he's seen it for himself and the rumors are true. This is extremely cringe to watch, but it might be more cringe that I watched it and am now posting about it on Exhale. Cringe inception Thots, Exhale?
  17. Update: BLACKPINK won Song of the Summer at the VMAs. Dua Lipa and Harry Styles are somewhere like Earlier: "As we reported earlier, superstars Harry Styles and Dua Lipa both declined to perform on the VMAs, but their decisions were made before nominations were finalized." Making matters worse, a timely performance of "WAP" by Cardi B with Megan Thee Stallion was on the table but couldn't get finalized. MTV will announce more performers this week, which could include Taylor Swift (a now-deleted New York Post article reported Swift as part of the bubble). Speaking of Dua and Harry... the VMAs added a last-minute category Song of The Summer: BLACKPINK - How You Like That Cardi B f/ Megan Thee Stallion - WAP DaBaby f/ Roddy Ricch - Rockstar DJ Khaled f/ Drake - Popstar Doja Cat - Say So Dua Lipa - Break My Heart Harry Styles - Watermelon Sugar Jack Harlow - What's Poppin Lil Baby f/ 42 Drugg Megan Thee Stallion f/ Beyoncé - Savage Miley Cyrus - Midnight Sky Pop Smoke f/ 50 Cent and Roddy Ricch - The Woo SAINt JHN - Roses Saweetie - Tap In Taylor Swift - cardigan The Weeknd - Blinding Lights Related:
  18. Harry Styles will join Brad Pitt in a new movie titled Faster, Cheaper, Better. I don't even need to know what the movie's about cause I'll take ALL the tickets, but in case you do... here's a synopsis. According to Vértice Cine, a Latin American and European movie distributor, the film "deals with the great and inevitable changes that are coming in the trucking industry." "The film spans 20 years in multiple locations with intertwined stories of countless characters including: a union boss, a young businessman, an inland farm manager, and a tech millionaire... [Their] lives are cut short when the automation and artificial intelligence transform the world as we know it. In the end, everyone must face the meaning of being human." Dan Gilroy (Nightcrawler and Velvet Buzzsaw, and wrote Kong: Skull Island) is directing the film. Exhale, would you watch this?
  19. Harry Styles' recent release, "Watermelon Sugar," hits #1! This is his first ever No.1 hit in US. He's up against DaBaby and Roddy Ricch's massive hit "Rockstar" Harry is the 2nd member (after Zayn) from One Direction getting a #1, making the band one of the only ones with multiple members achieving #1 besides The Beatles, Black Eyed Peas, Destiny's Child, Fugees and Genesis. His other Top 10 single "Adore You" rises 3 spots to #12 this week. Billie Eilish also gets her highest debuting single ever with "my future" at No.6 and her 3rd Top 10 This week's Hot 100 Top 10: #1(+6) Watermelon Sugar, Harry Styles #2 (=) ROCKSTAR, DaBaby feat. Roddy Ricch #3 (=) WHATS POPPIN, Jack Harlow feat. DaBaby, Tory Lanez & Lil Wayne #4(+1) Blinding Lights, The Weeknd #5(+3) ROSES, SAINt JHN #6(debut) my future, Billie Eilish #7(+3) Savage Love (Laxed - Siren Beat), Jawsh 685 x Jason Derulo #8(-7) cardigan, Taylor Swift #9(+3) Go Crazy, Chris Brown & Young Thug #10(+1) Blueberry Faygo, Lil Mosey Move Ya Hips by A$AP Ferg, Nicki Minaj and MadeinTYO debuts at #19. UPDATE:
  20. UPDATE: Here is the video for Watermelon Sugar. One of the best singles off Fine Line, "Watermelon Sugar," got a music video treatment (May 18). Harry said I'M THE ONLY ONE I NEED TO HAVE DINNER WITH How 2020 of him. Anyone love the new visual from King Harry?
  21. It goes without saying why Harry Styles has to postpone his tour. This year feels really joyless right now. It's important now more than ever to contribute. If our artists are taking a step back, what ways can we join together to give back? Open to hearing feedback.
  22. Harry Styles wore a shirt with an illustration by the late Keith Haring, the iconic, openly-gay artist who passed away from AIDS-related complications back in 1990. The shirt has the words "safe ***" emblazoned on it. The graphic is of two men grabbing one another. Please do your best to keep your responses as PG as possible. Be cryptic if you must. Does Harry wearing this shirt make you feel things or is it just me.
  23. I love Harry Styles. He doesn't care how the public perceives him. I feel like a lot of times, male pop stars tend to come off ultra masculine because they think it'll help in the numbers. Harry's album and tour sales were out of this world recently. And he's just being himself. Check out his new photoshoot for Beauty Papers mag. It's a gender bender delight. Plus the new underwear photos Thoughts?
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