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Found 12 results

  1. UPDATE 11/30: Christina Aguilera herself confirms her Viña Del Mar performance.
  2. She truly rocks this Spanish vibe, I think Aguilera album is her triumph album of her career, I know a lot of people are more fans of her English music, but I personally think since Mi Reflejo this is her best work, love Spanish Xtina so much So excited about the last EP closure to the album, she talks about La Luz and her most favourite ever video she did, that it is about growing up and struggling with bad things and learning how to forgive yourself and people that cause you bad, it is about her father's abuse
  3. This album gets talked about a lot. A decade on its more popular than it was when released. It has almost a cult following now. As a huge Xtina fan I remember the time very well. At the time I found it odd for her as her last album was Back to Basics which felt a natural progression from stripped. Her image/ music was maturing. So to go back to a more ***ual/ pop sound I think alienated some of her fans. I must admit when she first released the album I didn’t like it. 10 years on I absolutely LOVE IT! It really has stood the test of time. Do you think at the time of release she could’ve saved the album? I DO personally. Had she of released more singles and PROMOTED heavily. I think the project could’ve been saved. She hasn’t ever seemed the same since Bionic. It’s like her passion or confidence has been lost. I hope she gets it back and gets back on top!
  4. How in the world Baby One More Time the song out streamed Christina Aguilera’s debut album when Christina had three #1 hits and a song peaking at #3 on Billboard Hot 100, and winning different awards including a Grammy? The song Baby One More Time has 518,000,000 million streams and Christina’s album in total has less. Christina chew Britney up with her debut album chart wise, so my question is did Aguilera use payola or was is it all fan love?
  5. Back to Basics is one of Xtina's most beautiful album I actually like it even more than Stripped what Y'all think?
  6. So this is not newest news, but I never saw this on here. I am not a Xtina fan, so might have some data wrong, so please feel free to correct me After last year, for the 20th anniversary, My Kind Of Christmas got released on a silver limited edition: On October this year, they released the White Vinyl version and a normal black one: . I love this album! Are you buying this? What do you think of My Kind Of Christmas ? P.S. I wish Britney would have done a Christmas album!
  7. This is my first time, it just popped onto my recommendations - I can't believe what I am seeing here. This is plagiarism and not even inspiration here. I am shocked to my very core.
  8. If one thing, that annoys the hell out of the little monsters, is the whole copying and pasting imagery, it has plagued their queen career since day one.. Everybody does it, but somehow she was attacked for it, even by her own idols Grace Jones and Madonna and David Bowie according to his son was no fan of hers. Only two people supported her Michael Jackson and Elton John..all the other people she idolized really didn't care for her, and the media went with it.. So,her latest haus labs ads reminded people of an iconic 2002 image, the album cover To Stripped, a reintroduction to Christina Aguilera, who at that time was vilified and crucified for the image, but almost 20 years later, it's actually praised and is considered her best work.to date, and began her reinvention artistry. But, I'll say Millenials were the first generation that didn't like this and rejected it, they liked the artists how they first fell in love with, and hates being tested through different genres, images and it still continues with Generation Z. Though cos of the mention, a little monster blocked her on spotify and will not hear any music from her at all.
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