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Missy Elliott and...well...if you're interested to find out, taco bout, then...by all means

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P.s this is gonna be PRETTY LONG intro description and I apologize but one..wrll this is just the start of you manage to actually read all this and taco bout it lol. But two, well, it's something I couldn't really summarize in a brief description or paragraph because honestly...i know a lot of good is gonna come from this and sharing this with others. Plus, hehe whatever bed juju I may get, will be good and make me happy to cause of well....Missy Elliott. Without further a do, read on my friend ( or potential hata😂)This is a very personal viewpoint, opinion etc I've held in me since I was 7 year's old ( I'm 29 now btw) oh and a male...if that even matters lol. But anyway, I'd like to not only confess something but maybe ask you if you think what I think/feel about a woman named Missy Elliott. And if you don't share the same view, opinion etc. If it's opposing or even downright demeaning to her, me or others...you know what... I'd like to hear what you have to say. I'd like to start a Convo with you, cause I actually believe in free speech for one, but second, I already know some people don't like her and want to voice it which is ok. I'm just confessing my view/feelings on Missy Elliott to well.... confess em lol. Cause....words just can't explain that woman. Like ....and you can go ahead and make fun of me for this but IDC but one of just many views/ feelings on her... I'm simping hard for her😂😂 always had and honestly always will. But I just want to voice my opinion to get it all out but also...to I'm interested in wondering if theirs anyone else out there who shares my viewpoint of her. Also I'd like to hear the negative if any that people view of her to, well find out why but maybe....to show/tell what a beautiful and amazing person she is. Regarding her personality music etc. But more importantly...that I know she's a very amazing beautiful strong person cause of the impact she can/does have on people.. cause I'm proof of that. Seeing Missy Elliott for the first time when I was 7 years old...from that moment on, my personality, character and how I treat view, everything, from people.. specifically women(again is a good viewpoint) but how my character and the kind of person I am today. That I'm humble kind, respecting and truthful but I'm not weak, cause if push comes to shove I'll definitely fight back and believe me I'll put up a fight. Cause something Missy Elliott shaped in me is to, never back down or give in no matter what. Cause giving up is the only real way you lose. That if you commit to something in life that challenges you either physically or mentally. No matter how badly it beats you down or keeps beating you down.. facing it head on and not giving in is because like Missy Elliott, you aren't like others. You're different than others and you ain't afraid to show it. And you don't care if what you do or say makes someone feel a type of way, if you have or do something that goes against the norm, you commit to doing it and hold your head up high when doing it and lol... honestly this is another thing Missy Elliott shaped in me, wackiness, and not taking things to seriously but to let people know you ain't second guessing or regretful of what do or say. You did it cause you can and cause you want to. And after you do it you TELL THEM AND SHOW them that you're proud of it and that you'd dgaf what they think. And..lol this is the joking but also serious part, as Missy Elliott pointed out in her music video "work it" which btw is my first introduction/witness of Missy Elliott but more on that later. But in that music video work it...a certain verse she sings and why I'm not a simp/weak for what I think of Missy Elliott and everything I feel/think about her cause this is my...well... Missy Elliott shaped inner self shines. And it's my strength, confidence and willingness to invite anything negative someone may feel or say about me. Cause I'm not a *****, and I don't back down from going against the norm, I do what do or say cause I want to and I can. And after I do it, I want y'all to know that I DID IT. THAT JUST HAPPENED. I KNOW WHAT I DID AND I'M PROUD OF IT and honestly on the joking but serious side just like Missy, I hope it makes you hate me or look down on me, cause all that negative energy...is one simple emotion and who you are as a person...and Missy Elliott exposed you for the whole world to know....and that is a HATER😂😂😂 and I personally want the same from you negative comments cause like Missy Elliott, the more you hate, disdain look down on me, the more I'll think about why the things I've done or said that made you hate, I'll be even happier and even more PROUD of doing that just like Missy Elliott and in all honesty... letting you know know, if it's something negative of her personally, but ESPECIALLY something negative about her AND I...just like Missy Elliott in the music video, I'll be even more happier and confident in my actions. Oh btw, the whole lyric thing is specific to the music video I think but I think also to clean version of work it. But it goes like, "got a Lamborghini so I drive faster, just to make ya hater's even freaking madder" and..... honestly....this is something of way I want to confess can't hold in anymore.....when I was 7 year's old like I said and I honestly remember that morning, not as clear as before mainly cause of non related stuff but I still remember it and is a testament to Missy Elliott....this woman, and EVERYTHING about her.... seeing her in the music video, ( btw something very specific and I'll confess now cause I ain't a liar, but my first feelings/thoughts/ emotions on Missy Elliott were TO AN EXTENT... ***ual. Even before I hit puberty but I'll get to that later cause honestly, it's not completely ***ual despite what I may say. But it's also cause of her character and the personality of her and what it represents in the music video. Which btw, I'll explain later but that character in the music video is dubbed "the narrator" in credits, music video lyric explanations etc, and is THE way I view/think and feel about Missy Elliott. That character "the narrator" perfectly represents, symbolizes Missy Elliott and who she is, from her appearance to her demeanor and the way she acts and holds herself. But the thing of why I think that's who what Missy Elliott is to me , it's obviously changed from then at 7 to now 29 but at 7, my first initial reaction to her and what she does( specifically something pertaining to the umm... above lyrics) but the fact that it's her doing it, what she does with the "thing" from beginning to end. But her wole entire appearance demeanor during it, but ESPECIALLY, and something that honestly cemented my honestly forever having a crush on Missy Elliott no matter what happens in my life, but that thing. Is how that specific version of Missy Elliott not only does she continue to reappear but her attitude and demeanor and how she in honestly show's growing confidence and happiness towards the ending of the music video based on her smiling more but overall just... WORKING IT lol cause the message and what she was trying to tell/show us is her personal view of something and she did it know it would make people feel a certain type of way and overall that negativity is hatin, lol. And that hatin, she for saw it and is acting the way she is and working it as time goes on cause she uses that negativity to her advantage. She doesn't let people bring her down, instead she turns the table on them and remind them who they are and she loves it cause it exposes you for who you are not only to her but to the whole world😂😂 basically case and point, some of the stuff she does isn't a flex, show off, greedy way no, she's just doing it in a wacky fun creative way cause of something I learned from her. That it's ok to have fun with stuff once in a while, that not everything has to be serious or hard cause it's not fun or enjoying. It's ok to joke around and have fun cause it makes us happy.. but hey, if it really is gonna probably have backlash to it...well...to not take that so seriously either, to use that to advantage by having fun with it and getting creative. 

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