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Ticketmaster / Live Nation SUED By 🇺🇸 Justice Department, Court Expected To Break Up TicketMaster | Britney VS The Industry | Let's Unite For Justice 🚨 Take Down Jamie, TriStar, BlackBox, Live Nation, Ticketmaster, Caesar's Entertainment...

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Bravo Lola thank you for the information and making this post! We need justice for Britney! We need to unite! Can't believe how long it's taking but I do hope and pray the day of reckoning is approaching for ALL these low life bottom feeders!  :blast_explosion_skeleton_skull_fire_flames_boom: :blast_explosion_skeleton_skull_fire_flames_boom:



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Yes!!! I've said more than once team con goes beyond a hillbilly from Louisiana and his side chick. Working with abusers makes you an abuse apologist, and I don't care how "scared" these celebs are to see their careers fail. Choosing success over someone else's suffering is NEVER ok , it makes them all just as bad as the actual abusers. Silence allowed Britney to be abused for over a decade. It forced Kesha to work with her rap*** for over a decade. It's NOT acceptable anymore. Fans turning a blind eye to the **** their faves are involved in, making excuses about "contracts" and whatever else— nah. Anyone can buy themselves out of a contract, and will receive so much public support for standing against abuse. TMZ, Ticketmaster, etc have power because of fear. Show them you're not afraid!

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It definitely was a set up. I do not doubt it.  She had so many with their hands out . They plotted and took her down. Dementia huh? IUD? S e xTrafficking ? Kids manipulated? Rights removed? Forced Meds? Forced touring ? Forced Hospital visits ? Locked away ? Phoneless ? Carless ? We all need to remember what she has endured. Did this all happen ? Yes . Now a smear campaign. Its sad .  

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2 hours ago, warioaddams said:

I'm sure everything Britney went through was a setup. It almost feels like an experiment. It's horrible, almost like a black mirror episode. Basically her dad sold her to this people. :yeahsure_britney_ftr_for_the_record_yeah_nod_yes_white:

Yeah basically… didn’t lou Taylor loan him money that he couldn’t pay back? Was Britney then taken as collateral…

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On 6/4/2023 at 12:58 AM, Lola2790 said:


  • Lou M. Taylor has publicly stated on record that Irving Azoff is her mentor. :beyfedup_beyonce_sunglasses_fed_up_annoyed_ok_wow_smh:
  • Irving Azoff was the CEO of the monopoly that is TicketMaster:tiffanynod_miss_ms_ny_new_york_yes_yas_nodding_agree:
  • Irving Azoff was ALSO a MAJOR investor in the creation of our favorite & most reputable news source: TMZ !!!!!! :unreal_omg_no_way_shocked_wow_surprised: (according to Courtney Love)
  • Larry Rudolph works for Live Nation (Maverick) which later merged with TicketMaster (TSwift fans are suing them). :liar_red_mad_angry_anger_yell_slap:
  • TicketMaster has a contract with venues.
  • So TicketMaster/LiveNation are going to benefit from artists' tours.
  • So if all these people are in bed with one another,
  • well then that explains the TMZ narrative post conservatorship!
  •  "Britney, if you get back to work, then we will stop our 2007-reminiscient smear campaigns of you" :bwink_britney_pepsi_wink_black_and_white_bw_flirt:
  • (That was the thesis of the latest TMZ documentary. "Get back to work Britney and you'll be golden!!!!")


  • I believe that the people who have bullied the entire entertainment industry into silence to not defend Britney are not Jamie Spears & Lou Taylor.
  • The people with the MOST power are the people in the background that CONTROL the venues/the ability to book shows for entertainers.
  • So let's say a guy named Irv tells a celebrity that wants to speak out against Britney's conservatorship:  
  • Irv could potentially say "Not gonna book those venues for you if you say anything about this." "I'm going to tank your tour."
  • FuM8MMsaQAAn51J?format=jpg&name=small
  • In turn, big "influencers" like the Kardashians are in bed with the human trafficker that is Lou Taylor because they love wealth and have all their businesses/money in her control. 
  • We are so heavily manipulated by "influencers" like the Kardashians because they believe the general public won't put all the pieces together.
  • The Kardashians have MULTIPLE failed businesses because of low quality and uninspired ideas.
  • They've been sued for stealing ideas off of others for years.
  • KK Beauty anyone? That's out of business now. 

    Before Britney, Lou Taylor had no A-list clients. Matthew Rosengart summed it up well stating that she build her client roster off the back of Britney Spears. 
  • Fans fighting so hard to get tickets via TicketMaster shouldn't be the reality.

Thank you for this! :kisses_britney_kiss_blow_womanizer_love_circus:2008:

Irving Azoff, the man Lou Taylor learned everything from, is the real target us Britney fans should be holding accountable. 

Lou Taylor can definitely be taken down by Rosengart once he forces her to sit for her deposition. She has no real power. It's the illusion of fear she brings to clients that makes it appear so.

The ones with real power will need us to rally. 

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