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Britney: Clarkson... "I don’t forget" … don’t you just wish she would say she’s kidding ???

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16 minutes ago, devilsadvocate said:

Do we think Britney was ever really sweet and believed in taking the high road or was that just part of her persona … early in her career.

Obviously you change with trauma and age but it’s interesting the contrast between Britney Spears the pop star and Britney Spears of toss 


like that one guy said in the documentary … you didn’t know her then, you don’t know her now .. 

A lot of her fans are not nice people so it wouldn't surprise me if she was mean too.

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22 minutes ago, Norge Santana said:

She is ruining her freedom and the GP are already hating and dragging her.

Trolls on instagram is not a good representation of the GP. There's a reason why countless people in the entertainment business limit their comments or turn them off altogether. I wish Britney would do the same. 

People love to hate on her no matter what she is doing. It's always been the same and always will be, conservatorship or not. 

And I thought you were done and wishing her the best on your way? 

Anyway, it's clear that over the past few weeks/months she's reliving moments while writing the book. No idea if it's about Kelly Clarkson or not, and also not fussed either way. :beysip_sipping_drink_hoodie_starbucks_laugh_lol_haha_hehe_giggle_cackle_cackling_laughing_lmao:

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What people need to realize is Britney is currently writing a book ( this emoji ✍️ Is our hint she referencing it) when you write books a lot of old memories come up so it makes sense that Britney is probably having writing sessions with her ghost writer then finishes and get pissed about these memories and give us hints and teases us on the gram. Brining old scars up can be hard. This is how she’s dealing with it seems…all these celebrities bad mouth her for years and she couldn’t defend herself or respond and even she has said she always took the high road etc but not anymore… 

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