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Can we buy the perfumes?

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Honestly, let's put aside that childish attitude in which we debate whether or not we should buy something related to Briney. It's silly, if you want something buy it. Even before the conservatorship I highly doubt that the money from the perfumes or any merchandise related to Britney went primarily to her. There are many parties involved in this type of business, and she most likely only received a limited percentage of the profits. Actually, for this precise example, some random company paid someone to use Britney's name on their bottles, that's it. It's not like she invented perfumes or owns the company that produces them. At the end of the day, the royalties from how little or how much you buy with Britney's image will go to her trust, so what's the problem?

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The thing about this type of business is that it’s not like typical goods & services (where you don’t see the money until you provide the goods).

The brand/estate/label/etc are paid before the sales happen. They pay upfront for the cost of the likeness and copyright. It’s not like no one saw a penny from the vinyl releases until people pre-ordered. Urban Outfitters paid the label & brand before even creating them. After that it’s all royalties. 

Same for the perfumes. Britney signs the contract, and they pay her for the branding and likeness. They create the perfume, package and sell it, then royalties. 

These industries aren’t Etsy, and Britney isn’t living off individual purchases from fans. It’s about demand. If companies see there is demand for her merchandise and brand, they will pay her to use it for them to make a profit via a product. If something doesn’t sell well, Britney and the brand were already paid - it just means it’s less likely that said company would be willing to collaborate again in the future.

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There was literally a thread about this the other day. I said, that I'm pretty sure most of the money go to Revlon. They are the company that distribute them. In fact I think they were one of the few things we could buy during the past few years we couldn't feel THAT guilty about. 

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