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2 minutes ago, TheLastOneLeft said:

Now that the conservatorship has been dissolved, can I finally finish my fragrance collection? Or is there any other reason we should still be boycotting the Britney brand? All I need is Prerogative Ego, Fantasy Glitter, Festive, and Intense.

Aw. That's sweet, lol.  Britney army can be so kind/thoughtful.  Rainbow GIF by Hey Duggee


It's only my personal opinion, but I can't see why not - she is in charge of everything.  If you want to support her in that way, go for it.


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Dont see why not. its going into HER pocket now

It feels like i can finally say this without being scared of being attacked but i so cant wait now for B10. Obviously only if she really wants to and i hope she gets married and has a baby first so im not expecting a new album til at least  end of 2022, maybe even 2023. But i do hope reports that she wants to record again are true and she records music she wants to record. i dont care if she tours ever again, i just hope when shes ready, we get an amazing new album from her  

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  • 3 weeks later...

I'd hate going on a campaign begging Britney to bring her fragrances back to US stores, but also I have a theory that we stopped getting flankers here because Lou Taylor ruined or neglected deals like how Kohl's *always* had the latest flankers in stock. 

So, you know, if we ever reach the point of asking Britney for anything for Christmas... or next Christmas... ;) I'll be patient but I like buying them in stores!!!!! 

Maybe now that she's back in control she will fix it. 

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