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Why Britney’s first single after c-ship should be a cover of “Freedom” by George Michael


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I was thinking about Britney’s post-conservatorship music career (should she choose to keep making music) and we all know Britney loves a good cover song (Ex: I love rock n roll, the beat goes on, satisfaction, my prerogative…). What if she covered George Michael’s “Freedom”? I feel like even though the original lyrics were about George coming out as gay, the lyrics also fit for Britney’s situation. Thoughts?


🎶 🎶All we have to do now
Is take these lies and make them true somehow
All we have to see
Is that I don't belong to you and you don't belong to me, yeah yeah

Freedom (I won't let you down)
Freedom (I will not give you up)
Freedom (Gotta have some faith in the sound)
You got to give what you take… 🎶 🎶 

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If Britney chooses to record another album, I would want it to be 100% what she wants. She has one hell of a story and a lot of pain she can channel into amazing original songs. We all know how strong her capabilities are as a song writer. It seems like she’s been wanting to do a more alternative or rock album for years from what she’s said in interviews, so I honestly think a more singer-songwriter type record is what she would go for, if she were to ever release music again. 

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Slightly ot. I miss George Michael. The man had balls of steel. I'm still blown away by "Outside". The man could've been truly ashamed and on his knees begging for forgiveness and he didn't take that route. He gave the biggest **** you I've ever seen. That video is absolutely iconic.


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