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  1. I think she will likely perform again one day, but not for years. My guess is that if she gets out of the conservatorship, she will immediately try for a baby. She’s almost 40 and I can’t see the conservatorship ending for another year or two... if it ends at all. By that point she will be in her early 40’s and she may struggle with fertility. So that could take a while. The point being, I don’t think she would perform for at least a few years this time after having a baby. I think at an absolute minimum, she won’t perform again for another 5-10 years, if she even decides to at all.
  2. To the people thinking they are all Kevin’s kids, they’re not. He has 6 kids. 5 of them are pictured here. His two eldest kids with Shar Jackson are standing next to Preston. His daughter is standing behind him. He has another daughter with his current wife but she’s not pictured in this photograph.
  3. The performance that immediately came to mind reading the title is Big Fat Bass on Jimmy Kimmel. They had her SO medicated. It was like watching a zombie perform. Not her fault! And although I love the and song arrangement, probably Lucky in Piece of Me. Embarrassing.
  4. Even if she was free, she is way too relevant to appear on a Lady Gaga remix album
  5. I still think she enjoys keeping the blonde ‘’American dream’’ white lady from the South enslaved for her own sick gratification.
  6. I don’t overly like the woman but she’s allowed to go to the effing beach if she wants to and have a good time with her friends. Britney just got back from Hawaii and is making great progress in her conservatorship battle. I don’t think she’s the devil you all make her out to be. She’s made huge mistakes, sure, but a monster I think not. Save this sort of energy for all the Jamie’s in the family and their business managers.
  7. It’s interesting how she’s not allowed to drive with her kids in the car, BUT the bodyguards can drive dangerously to get behind her WITH HER KIDS IN THEIR CAR. (In case you didn’t see the other thread, the boys are in the bodyguards car in this video)
  8. Also interesting that’s she’s changed location for her dancing videos. It still looks like her house right?
  9. When the track went from really sped up to regular speed as she made a kicking motion toward the camera. Especially with that song. I got chills. She is coming for REVENGE and I’m here for every second of it
  10. This might be a really stupid question, but if Jamie is removed before the conservatorship ends, could the conservatorship over her finances possibly end so she gets control of her money and gets to make decisions? Could be a conflict with her still having a conservatorship of her person. Just don’t know if one is possible without the other.
  11. Wait did you all assume that was Britney in the backseat at first? I was looking so confused because all I could see was a teenage boy in the backseat and was squinting to try and see Britney as well, until I saw the video of her in her own car in front. Some of you need to get your eyes checked Also, Britney hasn’t been allowed to drive with her kids in the car since 2007.
  12. I don’t think Jamie Lynn is evil at her core - she’s just incredibly stupid, jealous and easily influenced. People like Jamie Spears and Lou Taylor are irredeemable human beings and they can’t ever be forgiven, where as with time I think Jamie Lynn can redeem herself and be forgiven if she proves herself. It honestly depends on what is yet to be revealed. There could be some bombshells regarding her yet, but I’ll reserve full judgement. All she would need to do for the moment is an apology on her Instagram for not fully supporting her sister and say she will do better. Combine that with a #FreeBritney hashtag and people will slowly come around to her again. An apology goes a long way. Just as long as her actions moving forward would reflect full support for her sister.
  13. Thank you to the vast majority of you in this thread for your lovely and kind responses. All of us sharing vulnerable thoughts like this is important and makes us feel connected and less alone
  14. I just wanted to let you know that you are much appreciated. You provide fans an outlet to express themselves without judgement. I know how difficult it must be running this website and having your name dragged through the mud for years when you haven’t done anything wrong. Not to mention being directly threatened by Britney’s father for standing up for Britney’s human rights. Your commitment to Britney and this website is amazing and it takes a lot of strength to continue doing so after all these years. Sending you a lot of love
  15. I used to LOVE Hanson when I was really little. I haven’t followed them much throughout the years but I did see them live a couple of years back. That’s really horrifying and disappointing to hear about their behaviour during the pandemic and the posts a member of the band made. It always sucks when people you look up to turn out to be not the type of people you thought they were. Thank you for understanding and relating to what I said. It can take quite the toll when something major is happening to an artist or band that’s been an integral part of your life.
  16. Thank you. That’s a really sweet response. I do think her situation does trigger things that have happened to me in my own life, so I think that’s part of the reason too.
  17. Also to clarify, I don’t spend all day and night thinking about Britney, but I think another reason I feel the way I do towards what she’s been through, is because I can unfortunately relate. I’m obviously not famous and have not dealt with the pressures she has on her level, but there is definitely parallels between her life and mine. Especially family wise and the level of control, whilst simultaneously not being cared for at all.
  18. This might seem like a strange topic, but I don’t feel like I’m alone here. By no fault of her own, it is mentally and emotionally draining being a Britney fan. She is a person I have never met, but she is someone I deeply care for her. I genuinely love Britney as a person. Not in a psycho stan way, but as a person I have admired and looked up to since I was 9 years old. I have cried over her situation, felt genuine emotional distress and mental anguish for what she’s been put through. I feel depressed and anxious the majority of the time when I think of her, which is a lot. There is still the joy she brings through her music and stage performances, etc, but it’s all overshadowed by the evil that has been done to her. I think about her many, many times throughout the day and check multiple times per day for updates on her current situation. Sometimes I have contemplated unfollowing any Britney account I follow and not checking forums like this anymore because it’s too much. Obviously if anything major happened, I would hear about it somewhere in the mainstream news, but I do feel like it would be better for my wellbeing to not follow her so closely anymore Do any of you have similar feelings?
  19. I feel like my response was light hearted and I was polite and said please. You need to relax. You’re posting a link to a YouTube video, not curing cancer, so drop the ‘’you’re welcome for posting it at all’’ attitude.
  20. I can’t wait for Britney to sell Serenity and pull her allowance as soon as she’s out of the conservatorship. The only party she will be going to then will be in the parking lot near her tent.
  21. This would make a lot of sense! I’ve always hoped that Cade was a good guy and genuinely cares about her / wants to help her.
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