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  1. I agree. However, the conservatorship will ultimately really effect them. If it’s the worst case scenario and Britney never gets out of it and dies an old lady still in the conservatorship, then I can almost guarantee that their will be little to no inheritance for them. If Britney never properly works again, her money is just going to be eaten up in legal fees and they might not get much when she sadly one day passes. So I hope for their own sake, they do something good with their lives and earn enough money to support themselves. Something I also think about, is that once they turn 18, are her conservators going to allow them an allowance? Obviously they are taken care of at the moment because Britney pays a huge amount in child support, but once they turn 18, that ends. I know Britney seems pretty happy at the moment, but I think for the sake of her children, she shouldn’t become complacent with the conservatorship again and she should really fight to end it to make sure her kids are financially protected once they become adults.
  2. To be fair, Chris does flip flop on their gender quite a bit. I have seen videos of Chris in the past few years saying he identifies as a male and that the feminine version of him we see is a valid part of him, but not his gender identity. (Using he / him as past tense here). There’s nothing wrong if Chris changes their mind a lot, but Chris has to accept that with the amount they go back and forth with gender, that it’s confusing to keep up with their latest pronouns. I don’t follow this person on social media so if I say the wrong pronoun, it’s because they’ve changed their pronouns yet again and I’m not yet aware.
  3. These pictures look photoshopped. Her deep forehead wrinkles have suddenly disappeared. Not even botox could show her forehead looking that smooth.
  4. I do clearly remember a video of Chris where he was aggressively tearing down all of his Britney posters. Chris is just mad that Britney never gave *whatever pronoun they are this week* any attention.
  5. Yeah I don’t have a problem with their age difference at all and it’s not even really noticeable when you see Britney & Sam together. I was just saying that I wonder if it feels a little awkward sometimes when you are face to face with a woman who looks the same age as you and you’re dating her son. My point had nothing to do with the love and care that Britney and Sam’s mother would have toward each other, especially considering she’s proudly displaying Britney on her mask :-)
  6. I’m assuming she and Britney have met, so I wonder if it’s awkward when they are face to face for Britney because they are around the same age. Imagine dating someone and their mother is around the same as you? At the very least visually in this case. Must be so awkward.
  7. Just to be clear again, the picture was out there hours before I posted the version I edited. I did not leak the picture. You’re right though, I am certainly not innocent and was seeking attention, but I am not one of the fans that follow his private account. I do just happen to now know of the fans that are leaking photos from his private Instagram and I don’t feel it’s right, so I am just getting opinions on what I should do with that information. I shouldn’t have posted the edited version here and caused drama, but I think I can try to right my wrongs by passing the information of the stalkers onto his father and stepmom so they can at least hopefully go into his account and block the users who are leaking photos from his page. That way this won’t happen again and Sean can be more wary of those people.
  8. There’s also a grown woman who looks to be in her 40’s who ‘’britmebaby’’ interacts with frequently on Twitter who follows Sean Preston’s private Instagram. So she could have even provided him with the picture. I wouldn’t directly message Sean himself because that’s not right, but what do you guys think of me DM’ing Kevin Federline and / or his wife with the usernames of the Britney stalkers who managed to sneak their way into Sean’s private account?
  9. ‘’britmebaby’’ on Twitter pretends to be an insider, when in reality he just tricked Sean Preston, a 15 year old boy, into letting him follow his private Instagram. Creepy.
  10. I do care about Britney a lot and I am not an insider. I did purposefully cause a little drama which I did apologise for, but people don’t have to accept the apology if they don’t want to. Also, I am not the one who leaked the picture. It was ‘’britmebaby’’ on Twitter who has connections with Sean Preston’s private Instagram, so maybe you can focus on him. I simply reposted an edited version of the picture. In hindsight I should have posted the original, or better yet, not posted it at all.
  11. Could you give me the Link to preston‘s account? 

  12. I thought I made her look quite natural. I don’t even know what you called me because it’s all *, but thank you.
  13. I appreciate and understand your point of view and I understand it’s hard to monitor absolutely everyone who follows a teenager on social media, but this is an exceptional situation where their mother is one of the most famous women in the world so extra precautions need to be taken. It was more directed at the people who are saying it’s not fair on her sons because fans are posting photos that the boys post of them with their mother. There’s two simple solutions... the most obvious is 1. Don’t post pictures with Britney in them at all or 2. Don’t let Britney fans follow their private Instagrams and only keep it to people they know in real life. Like I’ve said, this is at least the third time an unseen picture of Britney with her sons has leaked from Sean Preston, when he knowingly accepts some fans to follow his private account. I’m talking accounts with Britney as their profile picture and Britney’s name in the username. So people can’t then turn around and be like ‘’oh them poor, innocent boys having their privacy invaded’’ when they KNOW if they post a picture with them and Britney in it, one of the fans that they allow to follow them is going to leak it like it has now for a 3rd time.
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