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Official Domination Intro/Toxic Remix


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By now we all know that Domination is just an idea of the past. It is no longer postponed but cancelled. Never to see the lights of the Las Vegas strip. Today the “official” intro was posted on Instagram, along with the beginning of the alleged opening number, which was a remix of her hit Toxic. 

Do you think this is legit? Thoughts on the new sound Britney and producers were going for? It’s definitely different than what she’s done in the past. We know Britney is an urban Queen 



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I wouldn't be surprised if this was real. They said that this show would be more hip hoppy (which makes sense due to the prevalence of trap music). Also, in the rehearsals she performed the Scream and Shout remix and a trap version to I'm a Slave 4 U.

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