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Britney’s Oops...! I Did It Again Music Video Turns 20-years-old

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20 years ago Britney blessed us with one of her most iconic and best music videos to date. On April 10, 2000 on MTV’s Making The Video Britney set hearts on fire with that iconic red catsuit and have gays, gals and Kevin Bacon a Halloween staple. So let’s celebrate the day streaming this revolutionary and legendary video. Happy 20th birthday Oops video :sendinglove:



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Omg that's so weird I literally had the Oops video on repeat before I went to bed last night. I have come to the conclusion that she was Barbie in the video. It really is a full-blown masterpiece and everything about it is as perfect as can get. The song, melody, iconic latex outfits, dancing, music video set, backdrops, the bizarre yet quirky mars scene, etc. :fakecry:

It's literally a pop fantasy and truly an inescapable moment in pop culture history. Stuck out like a sore thumb and proved that she was leaving her mark as the most in-demand global superstar. By far, one of, if not, the most pinnacle moment of not only her career, but also in 2000s pop music. :fakecry:

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