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Sam Asghari interview airing tomorrow on ET discussing Britney


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2 hours ago, Slayer said:

the only decent response in the thread so far.

i like him, until he gives me a reason not to - britney seems happy with him

Hey, I like him too. Britney does seem happy with him and I don’t think he takes (that much) advantage of her fame. 

I’m just saying that he still has to adhere to his NDA and whatever else is in his contract. 

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They can’t be serious with these questions. Is there f**king marriage in the future?

Sure, if papa Colon gives us permission. Btw, did I mention Britney’s children just got a restraining order against him? So, since Jamie is Britney and Britney is Jamie, Britney gets a whole 30% custody of her own kids now... Will they even mention the upcoming hearing?

The morons. 


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