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GLORY sounds better SLOWED DOWN!

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12 hours ago, Intheblue said:

Agreed 100% but they want her to sound like mini mouse on helium 

Larry is a huge Madonna fan :mhm: he thinks Britney’s ray of Light is Femme Fatale. It’s like “less growling and more squeaking. Come on Britney we’re making pop music here not art. Doesn’t pay the bills honey so get it stepping.”

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4 hours ago, MrTrouble said:

Someone once posted here all the songs from Glory but slightly pitched down. It sounded more like her natural voice. I can't find this post though... 

Like what market research did they do that validated that baby voice? Cuz it seems like majority favors her natural voice?!? Even the go. :yaknow: I think it really is about power and having control over someone. It’s a real thing, it doesn’t matter 

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