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  1. This is not Britney posting !!! After all she's been through, do you really think she will use what she said in Court to write a caption like this linked to a picture like that ??? Cassie Petrey/Crowd Surf needs to be FIRED!!!! I will not like Britney's Instagram posts until I know FOR SURE this is Britney uploading what she really wants ! Not that bad attempts to show her as weird/crazy/instable... I am boycotting the Britney (brand) account !
  2. I honestly believe this is not her creating her posts. The worst one was "I edited the picture to see how my body would be without my tattoos"... Cassie Petrey is doing a very bad job. I just can't wait for her to be fired. I want real content. I don't even appreciate the videos and the photos posted because it seems off. I am not commenting because I don't think that will help and I don't want britney to see bad comments if one day she is looking at her Insta. But I am pretty sure she knows (by Sam) that we are not fools. I can't wait to have REAL contents coming from Britney, a real story, a live session to speak to us. *lighting a candle and praying*
  3. I honestly am not surprised by all this. It must have been so hard on them. Music industry is so mean and bad. We know for sure what they have done to Britney and others. I mean, look at Nsync. They were so famous but Justin decided to go solo. JC tried as well but everything went wrong for his solo album. It's all a question of money. That is sad.
  4. Sad news. Ok, they're rich... but still. Breaking up is always kinda sad
  5. Ah! That's great! I'm on my way to listen to it on Spotify. Thanks for sharing the news
  6. Can't to listen to her new material! I LOVED "My Future" so I have high expectations for the other songs!
  7. Such a great news! I honestly do not care about the cover, it's the music that's important I can't wait to listen to her new songs.
  8. Really? To jail? Mmmm ok. I mean, if she really did it, I think it's fair that she has to pay something, but there are more bad people to send to jail than Shakira!
  9. I believe we do not know everything that happen behing the closed doors. I used to LOVE his first album, and also the second. But I did not feel the connection with his music for the other LPs. Also, I did not like his attitude about the breakup with Britney. It's not our business to know what happened. It's not classy to talk about your ***ual relationship with someone you just broke up with. It is also not nice to say you have nothing to do with a wardrobe malfunction when it was planned since the beginning. I do hope he called Britney. I do hope he called Janet. Male artists should really stick with female artists too. And make the music business (movie business too) a better place for everybody.
  10. I like when she is changing her look. It reflects her state of mind. I do hope she is fine and she realized that we were A LOT to enjoy "Revelación". I listen to "De Una Vez" every day!
  11. Thanks for sharing. There are so much content that should be released. It is so good to see Britney on this concert. DWAD was SO GOOD!!!
  12. I really LOVE the song, it is one of my favorites from the RAY OF LIGHT album. The music video was a mystery to me and I had to look online for some meanings. I do hope she will perform it again Thank you for posting this.
  13. WOW! I love it!!! The editing is catchy and you used nice images. Thank you so much for sharing
  14. Gee, that is a good reminder of everything that has been going on. I really appreciated the explanation of the companies that received Britney's money, Lou Taylor. I totally forgot the video of Lynne in the car, talking about the #FreeBritney movement... It makes me very angry, to see that Britney is trapped. I honestly do not believe she will be free anytime soon. It's like a mafia. She is paying for lawyers who do not care about her situation. They only care about making more money.
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