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Instagram Videos that you would like?

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  • Exhale+

Since a lot of people here seem to be getting bored with her IG videos what would you like her to do? :)

Here are mine (ALL of these would be with HD cameras and in good lighting and she wouldnt look like a racoon:

  1.  Instead of dancing to random songs, post snippets of her dancing the OG dance breaks of her most iconic performances/videos
  2. snippets of her singing Everyday, I will be there, Someday, Mona Lisa acoustic verisons
  3. Her learning new stuff (Bellydancing, Aerial Silks, figure skating, more gymnastics,..)
  4. Her posting snippets of her leaked demos and talking about them and why they didnt make it on the album
  5. Her posting snippets of her favorite non singles and talking about them
  6.  Her holding old and new magazine articles up and talking about how false the info in it is
  7.  Snippets of vocal training/warmup
  8. Snippets of her piano compositions (she doesnt seem to play piano anymore but if she ever gets into it again I would like that)


I just really want her to sing this live tbh lol


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  • Exhale+

I would die if she would just randomly dance the chorus of What its like to be me, or do the Overprotected dance break or Lonely against her gym mirror. :kyliecry:

Or previously unreleased rehersal footage or recording footage. THey must have a **** ton.

Imaging getting "new" footage of her old rehersals for TBT.



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