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  1. “And ye shall know truth, and the truth shall make you free.” - John 8:32
  2. “Out of every hundred men, ten shouldn’t be there, eight are just target, nine are real fighters, and we are lucky to have them, for they make the battle. Ah, but the one, one is a warrior, and he will bring others back.” - Donald Trump
  3. “You have enemies in your life? Good. That’s means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life. “ -Winston Churchill
  4. If you want LEGITIMATE - wait until you see what happens on Jan 20TH. Enjoy the Trump Era for 4 more years. God bless America! 🇺🇸
  5. I’ve posted plenty of receipts. You may to start reading Constitution first. I’m not going to debate with anyone who hasn’t done their homework. Have a good day!
  6. This is the Political Section. The world has NOT moved on. You may not like what I have to say but 73 Million + Americans do. "A cause worth fighting for is worth fighting for to the end." Cheers!
  7. Trump fought for us, so we must fight for him! ❤️ It will be wild! I will be there. This will history in the marking. God bless America! 🇺🇸
  8. It’s time for Mike Pence to Judge whether a Presidential Election was held at all. Very interesting..... https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2020/12/its_for_mike_pence_to_judge_whether_a_presidential_election_was_held_at_all.html https://macris.substack.com/p/who-counts-the-votes-of-the-presidential God bless America! 🇺🇸
  9. A MUST WATCH!!!! God protect America! 🇺🇸❤️
  10. A good read about the 12th Amendment. Neither House nor Senate is given any authority over the President of the Senate when it comes to opening the certificates!!! It will be interesting to see how Vice President Mike Pence deals with CONTESTED STATES. It is also very interesting to see that he is a DEFENDANT in a case filed by the Amistad Project and others who claim to sue him if illegal/fraudulent/unconstitutional electoral college votes are counted. Let’s see what happens on the 6th of January. A Must Read!!!! https://macris.substack.com/p/who-counts-the-votes-of-the-presidential The President’s position going into January 2021 is thus considerably stronger than the mainstream media would like to admit. There is Constitutional language and historical precedent that gives his Vice President the unilateral power to decide the outcome of our contested election. God bless America! 🇺🇸
  11. Attorney Sidney Powell Releases 270 Page Report on Massive 2020 Election Fraud Involving Foreign Interference It’s a long document.... Page 103 -200 gets very interesting..... It’s so WORTH reading!!!!!!! https://api.parler.com/l/hy1Vj Some of the things that struck me from reading it cover for cover.... Dominion has so many “ownership” tentacles and conflicts of interests with democrats. For one, we should never, ever use voting machines again. Nobody should ever question the manipulation capabilities of these machines or how they can be accessed through back door of SCYTL overseas — other governments knew about it as well. Nor should they call it a conspiracy theory. Even democrats in congress were writing letters to these company’s from 2006 to 2019 asking questions about these same concerns and their Venezuelan origins. 2018 Street Capital buys Dominion Voting Systems — Joe Biden’s brother-in-law Stephen Owens is co-owner.When you follow the money James Comey was on the HSBC board that funded Dominion. HSBC also funneled millions to Clinton Foundation — HSBC was let off the hook by AG Loretta Lynch. Under US Code 1702 Section C of presidential authorities, the president has authority to seize voting machines. Thank you Ms. Powell for fighting for the integrity of the elections. We appreciate you! ❤️ God bless America! 🇺🇸
  12. I love so many of Britney’s songs, it would be impossible to pick just one. Merry Christmas! 🎄
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