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Britney Spears songwriter reveals the surprising truth behind one of her BIGGEST hits

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1 hour ago, claug326 said:

Dead at some of you thinking she recorded it Tuesday for a Friday release. 

1. The video was shot way before release

2. They can't print the packaging and discs and get all copies to stores worldwide in 4 days.

3. Everything has to go through the label. They can't just decide to record some random song as lead single for that week.


Get your **** together.

Not quite sure what your point is regarding the packaging and discs... I've never seen a physical copy of Work ***** anywhere.. no one is claiming that she recorded  all of Britney Jean days before its release... people are talking about the first single. I know there IS a physical copy but from what I remember that physical CD wasn't released til WAY AFTER the song dropped in a digital format on iTunes. Also, who says Work ***** wasn't confirmed as first single weeks before she actually went into the studio/it being finished? The instrumental was clearly there, so were the lyrics. 

Also, given that I was the one talking about the video I assume you're referring to my comment? The video was recorded September 7,8,9,10th; then the song dropped September 15th and the video didn't come out for another two weeks until October 1st. Not to mention the first performance of Work ***** was WAY LATER as in months after it was released. The whole schedule was a mess. You can't drop a single with no video, no promo, no performance and expect it to do well unless you're really popular at that particular point in time, i.e. Bieber etc. The video dropped 2 weeks after which helped the song climb the charts but was too late to really make a huge impact. And given that she didn't perform it, what were they realistically expecting?? For it to hit No.1 without any sort of promo? This wasn't 2011/12.

Then the whole Perfume fiasco happened. Again, no one other than her fans even knew the single dropped. Then the original video was scrapped. Then the tamed down version came out, again failing to make an impact because why would it?! And then they wonder why she's not No.1 in 78 countries and choose not to release a third single as a result. It simply makes NO sense whatsoever. 


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9 hours ago, PokemonSpears said:

no, the songwriter WAS TOLD that Britney Spears recorded it, 4 days before it came out. Like when she wrote her parts of the song she had no idea who was gonna end up singing it. Then they told her it was for Britney, then 4 days later it came out

Ddd I knew it wouldn't be long until someone misinterpreted that statement.... 

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2 hours ago, mauureee said:

Right? not including the only song where Britney sounds like Britney....and so the best song of the album maybe the only one able to be listened

where's Hold On Tight? :rlynow:


My version would be


1. Work *****

2. Perfume

3. Till it's gone (or whatever, something to fill :snarky:)

4. Don't Cry

5. Hold On Tight


and that'd be it :toocute:

If BJ was an EP I'd have:

1. Work *****

2. Alien

3. Perfume

4. Hold On Tight

5. Til It's Gone

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16 hours ago, Fab britney said:

Britney recorded it 4 days before it’s release?!:ohdear: it’s so shocking that the music was soooooo rushed but they obviously had a high budget for the visuals. WB was amazing and expensive, she hire joseph for perfume and the album shoot was pretty nice. It’s crazy how much they spent on a throwaway album :selena:

Without considering all the CGI they allegedly put on her body to look so good in 2013.. that s*it is expensive!!

My theory was that they had a late confirmation from Vegas regarding the residency, so they had to RUSHED EVERYTHING in order to have whole ERA to push the residency ... (this is how the album became a promotion strategy and was not longer the product)

That`s why BJ its such a bad album
Thats why its so NOT COHESIVE ("most personal album ever" -> TIK TIK TIK TIK TIK TIK BOOM BOOM)
Once they ensured good sales in the residency they just throw everything, no matter how much britney wanted Alien as a single... 

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12 hours ago, umr3000 said:

In 2013 ahead of her “Piece Of Me” shows she should have released a 6-track EP instead of a full feature album as “Britney Jean” did not work in its entirety

I would have released “Work *****” as a buzz single for the residency and then released the EP and that would have been that and I am sure much more successful that what actually released

With the EP I would have gone with:

1. Work ***** 

2. Alien 

3. Til It’s Gone 

4. Perfume 

5. Passenger 

6. Now That I Found You 

  I love tea. :angietea:

My EP picks:

  1. Alien
  2. Work *****
  3. Perfume
  4. Passenger
  5. Brightest Morning Star
  6. Hold on Tight.  
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