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After she jumps off the it's supposed to look like she is "controlling" the guy with her hands. But for the past 3 years or whatever she has just improvised and completely forgotten the concept. If she's not gonna do it properly I hope they change choreography for the tour:imok:

Like what in the world is she doing:tiffcackle: 

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1 minute ago, BOBIBCFBG said:

well she freaked the **** out when there was a different dancer for the TOMH back bend and that was being televised 

cuz she tried to bend back before she was supposed to so the dancer was not ready for that cue yet, she was very lost during the apple music festival

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It's really weird watching those videos side by side and seeing her transform into tickney. In a way I want to love tickney because I like that she's improvising more and putting her flair into her dancing again, rather than nervously doing the rigid choreo. But why doesn't it look good? :kyliecry:

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