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What was this HOT PIC FROM

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14 hours ago, GrotesqueDiva said:

also Breathe On Me


20 years stanning Brinty and I don't know how or why I sometimes forget some random facts like this, didn't even remember this interview existed, it's been like ages since I saw it :umsaywhat:

12 hours ago, LilyRoseAllen said:

That version without Madonna was so much better!

Ikr, being the Queen of Pop she was supposed to add something extra but I have always felt like she was just an unnecessary feature, I mean, she didn't turn the song any better or worse. It does still sound as a full Britney song. :gloss:

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It was a surprise performance during fall 2003. It was only the second performance of MATM (after NFL Kick-Off) and the first performance of BOM. She ended with the BOMT/Slave medley from NFL. I'm still pressed they ended up not putting it on the ITZ DVD! It looked like a great mini-show and she looked hot. Plus we don't see her with a hand held mic often and I liked that she only used one that night. It was different.

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