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Who would you want a collaborative ep/album with

Who would you want for a collaborative album/ep?  

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Or a tour/performance like she almost did with Enrique 


i chose linkin park, disclosure, and rihanna

linkin park cause they and Britney were popular at same time and are way different but could make something interesting. Plus I've been dying for rockney 

disclosure- they have amazing vibes dance music and good videos. 

Rihanna- she is effortlessly dope. She reminds me of Britney and how she commands attention. If Britney and rih did a joint super bowl performance it would be so good- they both have the hits 

Gaga would be cool too

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11 minutes ago, britneymegamix said:

No one, I want only her, like in Blackout (before you all start to drag me, Gimme More and Get Naked are not featuring Danja) 

I mean it could just be producing - like how skrillex and Diplo basically did all of beibers  last album and then put him on their tracks

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I don't like any of those really.. not that a Rihanna collab wouldn't be off the hook but I would like to see B10 have more of an edge.. 

I think Sia would be great for Britney.. she could really bring Brit's music to an even more mature level while still having that fun/dance essence..

I think a collab with Alanis Morrisette would be really great! Britney did such an amazing job covering "You Oughta Know" & I'd like to hear something along those lines on B10

I really am hoping for an edgier/rock/ rhythm/contemporary structure for B10! After hearing those amazing vocals from Glory, esp with Liar, then that acapella swing at Happy Birthday on the mini summer tour.. I feel like Britney should really showcase her natural voice for B10 & rock/rhythm/pop would be the way to go!!

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