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(Overactive Brain) Had a 2017 VMA Dream and Now I'm Dissapointed.

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I just woke up and I'm close to drinking some bleach or slicing my wrists, I swear to god...

EVERYONE was cheering, Britney was coming down the long stage of the VMAs in a beautiful white dress with SO much cleavage and SO much leg and everyone was rumoring that Britney would be performing with Michael Jackson... When she got to the end of the stage, she giggled and said "It's true"... AND I ******* WOKE UP!!! I WANTED TO SEE BRITNEY PERFORM WITH MICHAEL AGAIN... I'M SO DECEASED I'M NOT GOING TO LEAVE MY ROOM FOR A FEW DAYS (not that I ever do anyways), I NEED A MOMENT. :embarrassney: 

What if it's true though? What if I'm psychic and I predicted it? What if Michael has actually been alive all this time and is coming out of his hideout or what if she's performing with a hologram of his OR WHAT IF Britney will be too lazy to perform and will be a hologram herself? :nothavingit:   

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