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VIP Private Show UK release date?

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1 hour ago, ItsBraydenBitch said:

I don't know about the UK, but it's not even out in Canada yet! I've been looking once a week-ish to no avail! 

Sad because I'm almost out of my regular Private Show and I need a new one and was hoping I could upgrade to the VIP experience. :tifftear:

Hopefully we'll both find it soon! Xo :kisses2all:

I hope so too! The coffee scent wasn't that obvious for me but Private Show is still my favoruite and after Fantasy In Bloom (which smells like the cheap air freshener I get from the shops, still a refreshing kind of scent though), I'm hoping VIP will be more interesting. I really hope the blood orange is noticeable! We just gotta keep playing the waiting game...  :britstare11:giphy.gif

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