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So for those of ya'll who didnt know, there was a golden edition of Blackout, and it was lit, however I'm still not sure whether its official or some fanmade remixes, or simply unreleased so it leaked, could anyone fill me in?  :mhm: heres the youtube link to how it sounds, just thought i should share because many people dont know it exists(ed) 


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Guest $elfish
1 hour ago, Diamond Horse said:

Britney's team would never do something like this


2 minutes ago, Damsel in Distress said:

Love this. I thought all this time that it was real edition.


Me too sis:gross:

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3 hours ago, MakeMeFweaky said:

 I read somewhere that britney was supposed to release a platinum version of something with extra songs but then apparently she was recording circus so those plans and radar as a single was cancelled

That's true, there was going to be a special edition of the album with radar as the fourth single and a documentary about the making of the album, but these were all axed and focus was shifted to circus instead, which was probably their best move even though I'd love to see that documentary :sobbing:

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