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Is Britney Jean really as bad as people make it out to be?


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Don’t get me wrong. I think we can all agree that it’s her most critically panned, most rushed, and worst-selling effort and it has a lot of flaws in production. :embarrassney: But come on guys. Can any of you not bop out to any of the songs besides Work *****? Myah aside, it’s still a Britney album. Hold on Tight, Tik Tik Boom, Body Ache (despite popular opinion), Chillin With You (despite popular opinion), Now That I Found You, and Don’t Cry are fun to listen to imo. :pumped: It deserves some hate but not as much as it gets. It’s my least favorite album by her and paved the way for one of her best, Glory, but I think it’s a little bit much to disown the album. :ehum: Js.

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That album basically turned her into Milli Vanilli. She doesn't sing live and she didn't sing in her own album. :nicki2:

Thank God for Glory (she's still lipsyncing but at least she sings her own stuff and gave us a good album) and the fact that the Myah scandal didn't explode and is only known by pop stans. :beynah:

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1 minute ago, Alexanda said:

It is not a bad album, that isn't the problem, it just doesn't feel like a Britney record at all and Myah is not the only problem, i mean it sounds dated, i still like Alien, Body Ache, Till it's Gon & Don't Cry.

That’s true. That’s kind of what I think. It’s definitely different from the rest. It’s just not as good as the rest. It didn’t change or shape pop by its release like the rest of Britney’s albums.

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If it was by anyone else other than (Myah) Britney, it would be just another pop record, and that's its problem. Its her most dated, most generic album album, and also her messiest. The tracks are forgettable, the lyrics are lack lustre, and the production is weak. What we were told about for a year and a bit was a personal album, with personal lyrics and urban sounds. When WB came out, we were all confused but still had hope as Britney still said ''it was personal'', and it was hyped to be her Ray of Light album (which completely reinvented Madonna). When Perfume came out, we all praised the vocals, but felt it was a juvenile track.

and then the album came out, and were left wondering what was going on?
and then the myah stuff came out. 
and then the alien leak came out.
and then we were just given more and more reasons to realised that Team B tried to pull the wool over our eyes and give us as generic an album as possible, wrapped up the package of reinvention, and expect us to blindly buy it.

yeah, it has one or two nice tracks, but they're smeared with awkward lyrics, or cheap production.....


also, Britney didn't sing on it.

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Guest $elfish

Some songs are good as well as the instrumentals but it really pisses me off that most of it isn't britney the only songs britney sings on more than myah is perfume and don't cry ( I think ) it's sad because some of these tracks would have been hits if they were promoted properly and not sung by myah :sassybrit: 

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Guest $elfish
7 minutes ago, danny1994 said:

Yes.  But I actually like Perfume, it’s the only song that doesn’t sound like a computerized mess.

Same sis :snapney:

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I don't think it's as bad as it's made out to be, but maybe I just have bad taste. I personally think her debut was a worse album as it's full of filler, at least BJ had some bops like Work ***** and Til It's Gone and good songs such as Alien, Perfume and Hold On Tight. But yeah some of the songs are generic like Now That I Found You and some got boring fast like Chillin' With You, Don't Cry and Brightest Morning Star. 

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No and you know why?

At first people on here kinda liked it and wanted Body ache, Alien or Passenger as a third single. People were dying to have the stems leaked and then the while Myah Marie thing happened and it became popular to hate and talk trash about BJ. And since it is popular to hate on it, many jumped aboard.

It's Britney's least amazing album but Britney could release a thousand "flops", it still will be a better album than most other artists nowadays.

I don't get the hate towards Passenger either. IT IS THE BEST TRACK. the intro is haunting, the guitar is catchy and the song itself has just an amazing energetic and happy feeling that gets you smiling.

Justice for BJ!

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