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Best performance of Toxic? (Tour Edition)

Best Toxic Performance?  

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Since we're all busy with talking about her tour and since nothing else is going, I decided to do a thread like this. She performed Toxic since 2004 always on her tours and everytime it was different. So I wanted to know which version was the best, because why not :selenerz: 

The Onyx Hotel Tour (2004)

The M+M's Tour (2007)

(starts at 1:50)

The Circus Tour (2009)

The Femme Fatale Tour (2011)

Britney: Piece of Me (2013-1017)

A random thread but why not? :moorangu: 

My fave: Onyx Hotel

Least Fave: FF Tour

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1) Onyx Hotel Tour Toxic wins HANDS DOWN, even if it's not quite up to par with promo performances. She looked amazing, fierce, sassy and the performance has one of her best breakdown ever. :staysalty:

2) M+M Toxic is nothing special but she still had that "classic Britney" type of movements and dancing. :queenriri:

3) Circus Tour Toxic is fun because she usually looked pretty fierce and energetic.  I don't really like the breakdown, but the simplified version of the original second chorus is not bad. :forkit:

4) Piece Of Me Toxic is not entirely bad thanks to the floor part, to the tree and to the fact she always looks so fierce while performing it. Choreography itself is almost non existent though. :byebitch:

5) FFT Toxic is pure ****, one of the worst things she's ever done in her career. :meltdown:

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Guest thanos18

circus. cause she did the original choreo in the second chorus (the part that she never did on onyx hotel) it had a decent break and she was fierce with good energy most of the time.onyx the only thing it had was the break. it was a bit boring in the beginning.femme fatale was horrible. piece of me doesn't have a choreo to watch

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Good thread!

Well....from the perspective of the 'whole package', it has to be Onyx because that insane dance break is EVERYTHING. She looks confident, calm, energetic, technical and ****. It's all on point.

So that is my fav.

I've not seen that Circus one in a long time, I've just rewatched and it's actually pretty good, there's not much actual choreo but she looks happy and really confident! And she looks relaxed, which makes it easier to watch...which has made me pinpoint a bit more about what's wrong with her current dancing (IMHO of course) - since 2017 she seems so frantic when moving on stage. I find it very hard to watch. Some say it's high energy, it may well be energy but it's not necessarily coming from a good place. I feel it's nervous energy and from anxiety. And as someone who has anxiety to quite an extent, I recognise some of her movements as part of it. 

I might be very wrong, but it's almost like she can't keep still on stage, she's desperate to get the moves over with and get onto the next one, she's afraid to be still or be in the moment. Does any of that make sense? All the hair touching too, I can't bear it :triggered:


Not too keen on the FF performance, it really does remind me of a school production I did 20 years ago...! 

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Guest thanos18
2 minutes ago, tsss said:

poor Toxic :wtfdidusay:  this song deserves more choreography

the best one is Onyx obviously, the worst one...idk the rest is boring and doesn't have rewatch factor 

the only thing comes second after onyx for sure is circus tour.it had it all.some toxic original dance moves, a nice break and britney had still swag and energy

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