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This is my fan made Original Doll album cover


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1 hour ago, Kyra said:

I love it. Britney should hire half of the exhale :crying1:

Flawless fans doing better job at managing her career than her flop team :wendycry:


1 hour ago, Tittywitty said:

Flawless :unbelievableney:


1 hour ago, JustStanKnee said:

It's so cool! I love it! :OMGney:


Thanks a lot for the nice feedback everyone, and I agree I've seen some amazing fan art in exhale too and it's heartbreaking somehow   :tiffanycries:

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1 hour ago, I've Just Begun said:

I really like this! Idk why but I've always imagined OD as having a brown cover :lollipop:

Ikr! I think the reason I imagine it brown is because the rawness of some songs make me think of  wood or something if that even makes sense :britlol: And because of how often the recording studio's interiors are made of wood for some reason.

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I love it tbh, i cant even deal with the fact they are doing shitty *** basic covers such as BJ and Glory for a **** ton of money, but fans here do way better work for free :orangu: her team should shoot themselves tbh, being that incompetent and incapable has got to hurt

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Guest $elfish
7 hours ago, Safney said:

There you go:


I used the picture from the 2004 mtv vma promotional poster and went for a "behind the scene" and "Britney is in control of her career" kind of theme.:bsass:

I designed it some time ago but today I was inspired by the new leaked song "diary of" and was thinking it would be cool if the lyrics were "the original doll" instead of "it's the diary of" so I just created the track "the original doll (...britney spears)" and added it and decided to share with you guys! Hoping you like it. 

It looks amazing you did a great job :unbelievableney:

but wasn't love 2 love u meant for original doll too ? Or was that meant for blackout:ponderney:

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