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Why Brit has never attended to Met Gala?

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Guest Paris Hilton $

She's invited to oscars and grammy parties (these are quite similar to the MET gala)

And she's an A-list among the A-list

I want her to go but let's be real we're talking about Britney

MET gala preparation takes HOURS of preparation (makeup, hair and clothes)

You were extreme uncomfortable clothes and shoes

You have a bunch of persons helping you to put your dress on

And you can't just smile and do the same pose on the red carpet, sassiness is a must.

*****, literally one of those points would make britney run off 

So add them all and you britney would be like


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1 hour ago, sue the expectional earner said:

i know she is not high fashion but maybe they don't invite her, let me think about that :xfactorlook:

Anyone can go that has 25-30k dollars lying around. You buy your invite.

Britney isn't invited but Zendaya, Cameron Dallas and Willow Smith are? Lol.

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