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Do you think Britney will release a standalone single before she goes on her 'World Tour'?


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2 minutes ago, nels64 said:

Honestly Glory is exactly what I wanted from her. I hope going forward that she doesn't just go back to music like Femme Fatale to sell. I would love Max to come back and produce and write for her again, but I don't want **** like "3" where she just sounds like a chipmunk. I want her to have creative input as well as it to be a big pop bop.

I love Glory but it does follow the trend, maybe not directly but the midtempo/rnb sound ruled late 2015-2016 and still going. 

I like 3 but yeah the chipmunk voice can be intense when she is with Max. 

IUSA is probably the best mix. Middle ground 

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1 minute ago, MaPlayz said:

Ok i don't wanna be a debbie downer but I feel like u guys really need to stop calling it a "world tour." She's literally got a couple of concerts, they're not gonna turn it into a massive world tour within a couple of weeks/months. There hasn't been any sort of confirmation regarding a tour, for all we know it could literally be the set she did at the Apple Music Festival lol. Just don't set yourself up for disappointment when it's not gonna happen. Nothing was confirmed aside from the dates we know about. Not to mention, a single for those couple of concerts is non-sensical, unless she would release it anyway (even without the "tour").. She's in Asia etc., it's not like those concerts are gonna serve as promotion in the US ;)

It's a mini tour. Easy sellers tbh

I think probs 8 more shows at most could be announced for July. That is the average for June 

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Just now, Spearsfan said:

It's a mini tour. Easy sellers tbh

I think probs 8 more shows at most could be announced for July. That is the average for June 

I would love it and I don't wanna come off as negative.. if that's what happens that would be fantastic. I just hope people aren't gonna go nuts if that's not what happens :) but yeah, still hoping for her to come to Europe haha I moved from the US a year ago and I wanna see her again!!

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3 minutes ago, MaPlayz said:

I would love it and I don't wanna come off as negative.. if that's what happens that would be fantastic. I just hope people aren't gonna go nuts if that's not what happens :) but yeah, still hoping for her to come to Europe haha I moved from the US a year ago and I wanna see her again!!

I don't see how it can be negative when literally that is the time frame. All the days are up for June so there either will be the same amount or less In July.

 So she has  to be back for Pom in August 

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2 minutes ago, naturalplayboy said:

Remember when she released 3 and it was nowhere to be found on the circus tour

But Circus Tour also gave us a cover song live so we look past it. 

6 minutes ago, nels64 said:

Yeah you're right Glory did follow a certain trend. But I think it's something she's been wanting to do for a while (be a little more "urban"). What I meant more though is, I don't want **** that can sound like a Katy Perry reject single. 

I think her voice on Glory is honestly the best we've heard it sound since the In the Zone days possibly even the BOMT days. So I really really don't want her to go back to the ultra chipmunk voice. IUSA isn't that bad in terms of that and it's also like one of my favorite songs from the Circus album, but it can still get bad sometimes (in terms of the chipmunk voice). 

I think she needs to be given 100% creative control and truly become a collaborator again. I think we saw a lot of that on Glory, but I'm just worried that if they pair her with Max again, they'll just go with what he thinks is right. I think working with him again would be CLASSIC and perfect Britney. But she definitely needs to given a voice (both literally and figuratively). 

I just want her to continue exploring and getting into different sounds while also incorporating that pop sound that makes her wholeheartedly Britney. But I think if you take away one or the other it can come up short. For example, like in Glory. Still probably my favorite album. Still honestly probably the best album as a cohesive piece. But it IS missing that BRITNEY factor is some places. So I would love to see her explore different sounds but bring the Britney aspect back to it as well.

Then you look at great albums like Circus where it's missing the other half...it's JUST pop and the exploration and artistry get's a little lost. But I mean I'll take another Circus album over another BJ or FF any day (not that FF was bad...but it was empty and basic AF...yes she was the first to experiment with dubstep but I just wish she had more soul in her voice and didn't sound so robotic (THANKS DR LUKE!))

No one wants Katy Perry.

Her voice is really good on Glory. She doesn't have to do pure pop with Max. I think ppl just name him because he was the original classic man but she made classic out of others.

The thing is Britney choices have been all over the place post-circus so it could go bad or good imo

Glory was more experimental and Circus great pop and not so much but yes she needs a mix. She needs a womanizer tbh

A song that is upbeat and fun but has an edge. 

This year would be the perfect time to do promo tracks lord. 


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1 minute ago, nels64 said:

I totally agree. But use that voice Brit! One thing that always pissed me off about Womanizer was that she was just pretty much talking the whole time. Just like Work *****. I want her to be daring again. Like what if she released a remixed version of like "Just Like Me" as the lead single off Glory? would it do well? maybe not? but maybe because it's so left field. Or even like What You Need. Those would never be single choices we think of...but I think that's the point. She doesn't take risks anymore. She plays it safe.

Like when Toxic came out...there was NOTHING like it. The studio wanted (I Got That) Boom Boom, or Outrageous, etc. But she put her foot down and said NO Toxic is something different and special. I think she needs more of that added in with the whole pop with an edge stuff we're talking about. But she needs to surprise people again. I think that's what is missing as well.

Especially in this day and age...she needs to show people she can sing and that she's not just a chipmunk. Leave those adlibs that we always hear in the stems that get cut out in the final draft. They just -- they're not diving all the way in. They kind of "took a risk" with Glory but played it pretty safe at the same time and it didn't pay off commercially. I know she's probably also not into being huge again at least not when Glory came out...but I think that they really need to go all in with their risk taking. That's what made Britney Britney in the first place and that's what paid off the most in the past.

Yeah the talking drove me crazy because she had a lot of it for awhile. I was just using that because she worked with more unknown producers and ppl loved it. 

Britney is my fav era and album and Just Like Me reminds me of it so I would be down but it would have done terrible but it's not like she has anything to lose since she doesn't seem to care about how the music does. The problem with that is budget will continue to go down.

They been playing it safe for years. Ever since Circus. I don't know if Britney cares enough though. She used to fight and I just don't get the passion anymore which maybe that is why we don't get the overall Britney feeling completely with any current release? 

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2 hours ago, nels64 said:

That's the last thing I want. I don't want another Femme Fatale or Britney Jean. I think having people like Max and stuff involved would be FANTASTIC, but I want her to grow as an artist and have creative input. I don't want Max coming back and for us to get songs that sound like "3" with her chipmunk voice. Glory was a huge step in the right direction and she can definitely branch off from there and keep experiment and being vibey but in a big poppy kind of way. 

She needs to reinvent pop like she did with Blackout or even with BOMT. It needs to be wholeheartedly POP but also with originality. I don't wanna hear what can sound like some Katy Perry rejects. 

Edit: I ****** up...hwo do I combine all my posts...ugh.

Britney Joanne was nothing like FF, FF is full of pop hits and BJ is just a mess. She doesn't need to grow as an artist because she already did that when she reinvented pop back in 98'. :giggleney: 

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4 hours ago, britneyausfan said:

I mean it would make sense right? It's been almost a year since new music, she could easily add one song to her POM set-list, and it could drum up excitement for the tour dates. She could drop a big summer anthem with a cool video, go on tour, finish out POM then take her break early next year

it would be so easy.
Call Max Martin / Bloodshy, make a radio friendly bop with not - so - stupid lyrics and "just like me" style vocals, a cool and simple video featuring some decent dancing (like slumber party floor part)  and everyone's happy.

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4 hours ago, cgshaw said:

idk girl, it sounded really good when it came out but when I listen to it now it just sounds... okay

Are you ******* INSANE? "Glory" is still her best album after "Blackout" (and the difference isn't that big, it could almost be a tie...)! I was just listening to it last night and loving it still, in a different way... it's such a PERFECT album! You just don't like it that much anymore because you're basic and want basic dance songs that most of you were already praying would go away since the last 4 albums had been dance... She made this sound in 2007, almost 10 years after it was definitely time to move on, specially when it became generic after everyone copied it... *****, I can't take you seriously if you truly believe this... :byebitch:

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