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fan post emotional story about meeting Brit's dad

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2 years ago today... BRITNEY's concert was beyond AMAZING!!! To make my night even more unbelievable, I was stopped by THIS man right here before getting in the elevator and he asked if he could have a picture with ME! Yes, me.
This is Britney Spears Dad.
I seriously cannot even comprehend that this even happened in real life. He then joked he was gonna "twitter" it. Hahaha :) The first thing that came to my head after we walked away was that my Dad may not have been able to be here to celebrate his 50th birthday, but for some reason Britney's dad just so happened to be right there and stopped me to take a picture. I even got a hug! Coincidence? Maybe. My Dad maybe having a little something to do with all this? Probably. ♡


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