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  1. Under what rock have you been? I feel like everyone mentions her today as a huge inspiration...
  2. So... it sucked. NOOOOOT! Britney was incredible and I loved the show, although it became obvious at times that the Vegas show was created to be performed in a smaller venue. I went to the Telenor Arena concert in Norway, and it was sold out(26 000). Incredible for someone who has not been here since 2014 or promoted the tour at all. ICON. Opening act: Pitbull! He was amazing, and probably one of the best opening acts I’ve seen. Really got the audience in a party mood and worked the crowd. He actually got me a bit emotional at one point during his set when she spoke about Britney’s strength to be able to climb back up after everyone tried to bring her down. But just like in Berlin, he clearly had no clue as to how big of an arena Britney had sold out(26 000!), when he said something like ”there is 14 000 people in here tonight”. Like, you’re cool dude, but why not check that up before. I had been waiting for this day since January, when I would finally get to see Britney live again after so many years. She came to WORK *****: Then it just happened. Boom! ”You wanna hot body?!”. There she was. Just like that. I just could not get it. Boy, did she look good?! And that energy and fierceness. Right before Break the Ice she gave the funniest speach ever, and an advice to remember. ”So what do you do when you’ve been in a hot room FOR THREE HOURS?! YOU GET OUT!!!”. Hilarious and I just happened to film that part. Forever happy I did. Break the Ice followed and this is one of my all time favorite tracks and the whole experience of finally seeing her perform it live was pure magic. So hot, so fierce, such a boss lady. Uh, I loved that part. My favorite parts of the show was probably BTI, WB, Slave(she killed it!), OIDIA, and Clumsy/ CYM. The less good parts were Boys and Do Somethin’ where it was a bit too much walking and such movements. Would have been incredible with some chill and fitting choreo. But hey, you still dance and throw fierce poses with your friends to those songs. Also, the guy next to me said it was unfortune that they didn’t bring a bigger main video screen behind the stage(there is only this huge LED(?) screen, would have been amazing if they filmed for that screen as well so everyone could see better as the arena is huge. The two smaller screens to the sides helped a bit. We want a piece of her: the show was amazing. The videos online doesn’t do any justice as it’s MILES better in real life. I also discovered parts that I had not seen before. And it doesn’t look ”cheap” at all, everything from the outfits to the props and stage looks great when you see it live. This is by far the best Britney tour I’ve been to. Compared to the Circus tour... well I cannot even compare them. TCSBST had an amazing stage and production but not a performing Britney at all or this confident and present, as well as dancing and energy- wise, as POM. 100% honestly, POMNEY slayed and stayed. Back in 2008 she was understandably not ready. But our main ***** is just getting better and better, I am really confident she will shock everyone next year for the 20th. Interacting with the crowdney: I have NEVER seen Britney talk or interact this much with the audience before. Several times throughout the show. She was super sweet and funny, you could tell she had a great night. One of the best parts of the show is no doubt the ”hot room” advice. And Break the Ice. There was also one point(can’t remember which song) where she walked out on the catwalk and you could see her smiling like ”wow, the audience is so big and they seem to love me!”. It was so beautiful, I really hope she felt the love. After the show I felt such happiness, I finally got to see her again. But also a bit sad, because it was over so fast it felt. It was an amazing night and my two best friends joined me. I bought the tour T- shirt which I love as a memory. There is nothing such as a Britney- concert.
  3. Oh she was!!!!!! She was amazing. And sweet and fun, had lots of energy and she talked a lot through out the show. Which I’ve never witnessed live before at any of the previous tours. I really can’t get it yet just yet. I was slayed. Thank you thank you thank you Britney for being around still!
  4. This!!! 100% !!!! It was brilliant, and I can also say after seeing the previous tours this one was definitely my favorite. And the interaction and talking with the crowd! Have not witnessed that live by her before. Truly fun and beautiful. After reading so much bullshit and hate here on Exhale for years which ruined so much fun, and to finally seeing the show and this Britney... blown away! IT WAS f**king AMAZING. f**king stupid trolls on here. Thank you Britney for an amazing show!!! And for that energy. And thank you for being you and for still being around. That means everything
  5. It was EVERYTHING!!!! Omg And she knew where she was for sure, mentioned Oslo several times. This is the Britney concert I’ve attended where she has talked the most! She was truly amazing. And sweet. And.. a proper review will follow. But I can finally sign on to the side where people say that the videos of POM doesn’t do any justice. Not at all since it’s actually a great, brilliant show. And the fans loved it!
  6. OMG I AM SO PUMPED SO READY WE’RE AT THE HOTEL GETTING READY!!!! Kinda freaked out I really want the t- shirt hope it doesn’t sell out. Omg finally I get to see my GODNEY again!!! I can’t believe it LET’S ROCK WITH OUR ***** OUT!!
  7. Live Nation just confirmed to me that there is a catwalk! The layout has not changed, it was probably just done by mistake on the website as with the Manchester date before they changed back to the catwalk. Ppl here need to chill!
  8. It truly is!!! Omg I might even cry, or starting to dance like I got too much liquor in my cup!(which reminds me of how iconic a Britney feat. Lil’Kim would be now!).
  9. Oh, honey!! I will and I hope you get to see her do it live too one day soon. Its crazy to think she has not done it on the previous tours but finally she does. Don’t care if its been on the setlist of Vegas for ages - its the first time she does it on a Britney tour I go to and I couldn’t be happier. Gonna go insane
  10. ATTENTION: no haters or complaining fans on this post. I want to connect with the people who shares my love for BTI and the performance of it in Piece of Me. I can’t believe I am finally gonna dance to one of my all time favorite Britney tracks tomorrow, and see her perform it live!!! It’s such a fan favorite and I don’t get why it was not performed before on tours. I love Break the Ice in the show. It’s super sassy, simpel and she looks like a BOSS *** QUEEN! I. WILL. FREAK. OUT. TOMORROW!!!! Btw Norway is ready for you Brit, a SOLD OUT 26 000 Telenor Arena!!
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