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Piece Of Me MV Vs Real Life

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Just now, Mannequin* said:

flawless video!! she hates it, but she won 3 awards whit it :slayney:

Remember when the video on youtube after 3 or 4 months already had more than 70 million views and was going to be one of the first videos of yotube to exceed the mark of 100 million views and youtube deleted the video? I still today to realize what happened!

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18 minutes ago, Kirito said:

Aren't they suspiciously similar? lol 

Have the same theme: paparazzi and persecution, but I do not think they are alike. They have one or another similar scene like dancing with sunglasses in a disco and being with a guy in the disco. I think the Rumors video is similar to the video Overprotected (Darkchild Remix)! There are scenes of paparazzi photographing her, scenes in an elevator and a dance in the street with back up dancers.

And the video Overprotected (Darkchild Remix) came out in 2002 and Rumors in 2004!

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5 hours ago, Wiggle said:

too bad they liquify-ed almost every scene :sickofu: she didnt need that

IA.....they exagerated with her body. but her face looked flawless even without makeup:


I will never understand why everybody was so mean with her back then. she didn't look bad or anything like that but the comments were terrible as if she was ugly and fat which clearly was not the case 

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