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Mozart came for Adele's wig and has many things in common with Britney

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The biggest-selling CD act of 2016 doesn’t sing. :quirkney: He doesn’t play guitar and he doesn’t tour.:yaknow: In fact, no one alive has ever seen him. (Pretty much:brityeah:)

Mozart 225: The New Complete Edition has shifted 1.25 million total CDs in the five weeks since its Oct. 28 release, according to Universal Music Group. The collection is formidable in every sense. It comprises a whopping 200 CDs, presenting every work by the classical great; features the talents of 600 world-class soloists and 60 orchestras, and plays for a total of 240 hours (not to mention the many hours of additional reading materials bundled in). Crunch the numbers and that's upwards of 6,250 sold box sets.


The article says that Mozart sold 1.25 million CDs in a few weeks with each boxset containing 200 CDs valued at around $500. So basically 6,250 x $500 = $3,125,000 in a few weeks :orly:

Britney can do this if she releases 200 CDs worth of new music :cooltshirt: or a boxset of her greatest hits and then some.

Slay Mozartney


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