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  1. This is a huge stretch.. but could RED be something to do with Taylor Swift’s RED album release? Trouble Ft Britney Spears.. I mean it would fit the song “I knew you were trouble when you walked in” and maybe that’s why Taylor pushed her album back because it was meant to be released on Nov. 12th? I.e the next court date. Anyways..
  2. I need a statement of what he said. As a Gen Z I get anxiety seeing long videos. 1min or less sis for a summary. I’m waiting..
  3. Okay, I’m going to say what I see on other threads all the time... but being a Britney Fan is so WEIRD.... lmao I can’t
  4. I will put it out there.. I think Doja Cat may be the next “Britney” of the 2020s if her next album is also a hit. I became a fan after her billboard performance last year (where she was a flapper girl) and then the VMAs this year reminded me of the oops Grammy performance (like the robot scene lol) she can rap, sing, and actually dance! I’m looking forward to seeing what Doja does next
  5. I think this girl did more than just touch her. The only reason I say that is because in the video posted, she says close to the end that she’s from Spain and it could be a culture thing to touch and kiss. Maybe she went in for a kiss on the cheek and she freaked out? That’s what I’m thinking. Because this woman seems mad, and not upset. Just a little psychology reading 😛
  6. Sorry let me be more clear. Britney *cough* forced *cough* to perform
  7. Hey Everyone, I want to know your opinion. If Britney isn’t freed from the conservstorship and performs again for fans, do you think this movement is too big for fans to chant Free Britney? like what is her teams long term plan when she gets on stage? There will be people wearing free Britney shirts, and it will only take a couple of fans to start a chant for the whole audience to start too.
  8. Nope, I personally love reading about this now. I know it’s sad for Britney so don’t take my words out of context, but I love coming on here and learning something new everyday about the law system. It’s literally free education and I’m someone that loves learning. So lately this forum has been stimulating for me
  9. Guys this is huge, James Charles has a massive YouTube platform (biggest beauty guru) so kudos to him. Why are people so mean on here sometimes when we want more people to speak out and bring awareness? Sorry if I’m being rude but James seems like a nice guy on camera, and we shouldn’t judge someone on the way we speak
  10. Please, I’m begging to know where I can find the video for this Gif! I’ve been looking for years. I know it’s POM era but I can’t find it :(
  11. Hi guys, can’t find her video of her talking about project rose. Was it deleted?
  12. Hey everyone! Hope everyone is safe and mentally well so I was thinking about Anthrodite tarot card reading and he kept saying that a woman / female was going to help her in some way. Do you guys think it could be a) Felicia b) The Director of Framing Britney I know he’s a psychic and we all take it with a grain of salt but I found it curious, what do you guys think?
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