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I'm glad that Britney is authentic in a sea of phony celebs


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I just got done watching that speech from that COKEHEAD Selena Gomez at the AMA 2016


I just wanted to stick my finger down my throat hearing the BS coming out of her mouth


I'm sure once she got off that stage, she went and did some coke


I'm glad that Britney does not exploit her problems she had in the past for sympathy or publicity

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I get what u r saying to a certain extent!!

Britney is not much of a talker or more of a quiet person and I'm ok with that, everyone is different!:cutesybrit:

I still can't with her acceptance speech at the vma's 2011 tbh. It was her moment and she introduced beyonca's performance!:byebitch:

Guuuuurl u r the ******* kweeeeeeeeeeen :brit:

Oh but this is about Selena...uuuhmm I think it was an honest moment and I was kinda touched! :mcry:

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