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Japan Sales!


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I can't understand WHY the team released the album without a promo or at least a second single. It does not make any sense. WHAT IS WRONG WITH LARRY?

I know we had a lot of promo but... it was a Piece Of Me feat. Make Me promo (with an awful music video) only, nothing about the album tbh. DYWCO at TodayShow the serventh day of sales are not enough.  Nobody really knows about the album. :sickofu:

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1 hour ago, PlayingItSafe said:


Word of mouth. 


"It's her best album since Blackout, possibly even ITZ." - fans rush to buy it. :otears:

i hope slumber party has that the same effect in the future.... id be happy if it reaches top 20 in spotify and major playlists will add it.

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