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Britney Spears Undergoing Surgery to 'Tweak' Her Nipples and Areolas?

October 27, 2016 (3:56 am) GMT
The pop superstar reportedly wants to re-sculpt her nipples and brighten their color to make them look the way they did 'when she was a picture-perfect teenager.'

Even Britney Spears has something about herself she wants to change, according to a new National Enquirer report. The publication says that the pop diva is currently considering to undergo a surgery to brighten the colors of her nipples and areolas. 

A so-called "spy" tells the tabloid that Brit wants to "[re-sculpt] her pop-ups" and "spray-paint" her nipples pink. "Our famous mom of two says she's sensitive about the size and color of her nipples and longs to have them tweaked to look like they did when she was a picture-perfect teenager," the source says. 

The source goes on to share that "Brit's already in consultations with medical experts" about "re-brightening the color of her pretty-in-pink areolas." 

However, the report turns out to be false. Gossip Cop, which finds the story ridiculous, has contacted a Britney Spears source who assures everyone that the National Enquirer article is simply "not true" and just "dumb." 

The tabloid's story may be inspired by a recent incident during which Britney nearly exposed her ***** at one of her Las Vegas shows. The singer was in the middle of performing a cover of Joan Jett's hit "I Love Rock N' Roll" when her halterneck bra top came undone. Handling the situation professionally, she continued singing while her dancers helped her fix the bra problem. 





Queen of Nipples tbh :comingthru:

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