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According to Genius.com Everyday was for Femme Fatale?

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25 minutes ago, ukfan said:

Iv had it on my phone as long as I can remember.  the song didn't just pop up out of the blue in 2011 did it??  

I just think it was recorded Around the same time as "let go"

I don'tthink it was necessarily recorded for cd.  

2011 seems to late in Spears life to record everyday,  also it obviously wouldn't be used on an album like FF.  

I have a very strong feeling it was recorded 2007/2008/2009,  maybe it says for FF because it was uploaded near FF era 

It did leak in 2011 iirc, on the same day all those other unreleased songs leaked (Britmas), doesn't mean it was recorded in 2011 though on the same day Rockstar leaked and that is from ITZ. I think people might have assumed it was from FF based on her vocals idk. When did you hear it? And why don't you think it was recorded for one of her albums?

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50 minutes ago, ukfan said:

Ofcourse it could have been deliberately recorded for an album, however the song is raw. It is so raw similar in production to let go. Like it's an experiment,  or recorded for fun, or to express emotion.  It's so stripped back that I don't believe her vocals have been touched which gives me reason to believe it isn't recorded with intent to be on an immediate album.  

Her vocals,  her lyrics,  her presence in both songs just gives me 2007/2008 vibes.  

I definitely do not think  both songs everyday and let go was recorded any later than 2009.  

In my opinion,  Maybe there some practice songs/ experiments or something Britney WANTED to write /sing before recording circus,  or some unused songs from blackout.  


Oh interesting. But how did you hear this song before it leaked? 

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Guest StrawberryKisses
3 hours ago, PBoy said:

Nope! Circus


The unreleased songs from FF are ''Unbroken'' & ''Pleasure You''

Pleasure You was confirmed ITZ on the site, I remember reading about it. Someone dug up the copyright.


Who knows, might even be Blackout era. Sounds like state of grace vocally.

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35 minutes ago, NotAPassenger said:

It was an early Circus recording, there's pictures of her with the people who worked on it. I think it was more for her enjoyment than anything ever released. 


Also, pretty sure Pleasure You is from the early 2000's it was just leaked around FF. the only true FF track we have is Unbroken. 

wasn't secret for FF?

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