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Hannah Lux David won't be the direction of the Music Video + 2nd Single Date

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Just now, JustLoveBritney said:

Ah that's okay sis, don't be sorry!:shameless: Just keep us updated:quirkney:

That's my job. :cooltshirt:

1 minute ago, KW. said:

But both are two different people?

Also, the first one seems like speculation rather than news. 

They're both insiders. First one is Goldsoundz, the second is Sneakerphone. 

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Guest Nick Jonas
Just now, Erreur 2 La Nature said:

That's a great strategy from her team. One single a year, she can rest for 4 years !

Gives her some time back to play Pokemon with her boys and make fudge. :jackk:

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