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Making MVs for LIAR and NO SEAS CORTÉS

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I'm planning on making MVs for both Liar and No Seas Cortés within the next few months. These are two of my favourite tracks from Glory and I have video concepts already mapped out in my head.

No Seas Cortés will have a Spanish feeling (much like the sound of the song) and although there will be no official storyline, its gonna be set mostly in and around a beach on a summer evening and will be visually very interesting. I'm planning on making this one first as a kind of trial video as its been a while since I made any MVs (I actually used to study TV Production a few years back and made them a lot) and I need to kinda get into the swing of things again.

Liar is the one I'm most excited for because I have a whole concept for it about a lover that finds out he's being cheating on and sets out to get his revenge. This one will have a very dark, gritty feel and I have some really great scenes planned for it. I wanna make it like the Pefume video we never got.

And since we may never get official MVs for either of these tracks (quite possible since they are both bonus tracks) I would love to hear any ideas or thoughts about what you'd like to see in videos for these tracks as I may well incorporate some of that into them too.

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