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You all know about this Kungs song called "This Girl" which is gaining on radio fast and passed Make Me just yesterday, pushing it down to #21. It's getting over 100 spins each day.


You wanna know why? It's #2 on Shazam US.

Shazam is an application available on your phones, ipads ect that identifies a song you don't know when you use it. The radio stations look at the Shazam chart to measure the interest in the songs they play. A song which is shazamed a lot means it is receiving attention from people who don't know it and will push radio stations to play it more.

You gotta use a VPN so that your shazams count as US shazams.

Currently Make Me is #32. Even Rise is higher at #30. You gotta play the song from your computer and shazam it from your phone. Sounds FUN, right?


WORK *******!!!


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