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Found 13 results

  1. According to PEOPLE magazine, Leonardo DiCaprio (47) and Gigi Hadid (27) are reportedly dating as both were seen in New York. Also, the US Weekly and sources say that Gigi is not interested in a romantic relationship with him as both are already friends.
  2. Liam Payne, 28, former One Direction member revealed in an interview a fight he had with one of his bandmates. "There was a discussion backstage and one of them threw me against a wall. The he said to that person: 'if you don't take away your hands of me, there's a big possibility of you never use again.'". He said without naming anyone. You can watch his interview and more candids with Logan Paul below:
  3. In his interview SiriusXM’s Debatable on Wednesday, March 17, Zayn reveals that his favorite 1D bandmate is Niall Horan. "He makes the best music," he said during the radio interview. "Yeah, he makes better music than me. I'm a Niall fan." He also talked about Grammys, "It was nothing to do with the competition and rivalry. It was nothing personal in any sense. It was a broader statement to the whole organization. I believe there's a way about music that is made and doesn't even get an acknowledgement for certain reasons, political reasons, hand-shaking reasons, private performance reasons that we don't need to go into. I said everything I needed to say online," he explained about his previous Twitter missives. "Even if they nominated me at this stage, I wouldn't even go and accept the award because it doesn't mean anything to me. The entire organization doesn't represent anything, and I don't believe it showcases the best talent in the industry. I believe that they control what they want to control and they do what they want to do."
  4. Update: Earlier: Zayn let it known he has no love for the recording academy at all, saying you win if you send gifts and other things, not about being an artist. Billboard also explains his anger is justified. He was deemed ineligible for best new artist due to being in one direction. His hit collaboration with Taylor swift, his last true hit. "I don't wanna live forever," was nominated for best song written for visual media. Had it won, it wouldn't have gone to him, but to Taylor swift and the songwriters.
  5. Zayn's new album Nobody Is Listening is so darn good It's a shame that it's not getting the reach it should. It doesn't appear it'll crack the top 20 on the Billboard 200 chart in its first week, nor will sell over 20K in sales. Final results will be available later this week. Regardless of chart performance, the album is full of vibez. My favorite song is "Sweat." It's one of his best songs ever, and that's a big deal. I am familiar with all of his solo material. Check it out if you haven't. Thoughts on Zayn's new album? Do you like "Sweat?" Drop me a line in the comments! Related:
  6. Zayn's new album Nobody Is Listening is officially out Exhale, please stream and circle back with your thoughts!
  7. KING I've already played Vibez so much since it came out. He's def not playing around this era. Check out these new promos. I- Related:
  8. Zayn popped up on Instagram with a flawless new selfie. He's wearing mascara I am a huge fan of Zayn's music, but dayum he's also easy on the eyes. It's also worth mentioning Charlie Puth has an unreleased Zayn collab on his hard drive. Where's Madonna's hackers when you need them
  9. Liam Payne threw a forest at Zayn for seemingly no reason. He insinuates that Zayn dragged his feet the entire time he was in One Direction. “I remember Zayn telling us the story that it was his mum got him to go to the audition the day he didn't want to go and that was literally what we saw all the way through One Direction," Payne said. Zayn has basically wanted nothing to do with the other 1D guys since the split. Makes sense. Meanwhile, Liam is releasing thirst traps and mediocre (that's putting it nicely ) music. Team Zayn. Thoughts?
  10. So when word got out That the official website of one direction went live again. So did their twitter account but following zayn malik actually set the press in heywire something is happening. The official Twitter is followed by all the boys and the feeling is mutual. Liam Payne who flopped on his solo effort so did Louis Tomlinson and Icarus Falls By zayn did flop But Icarus falls is a better album than minf of mine.. Little the two most popular heartthrobs Niall and Harry really are the most successful solo acts. Adore you could top the Hot 100. Currently at #7 this week. But remember in 2016. It was said the hiatus was supposed to only last 18 months. Both the boys and Simon Cowell hinted that was the plan. Of course it lasted more than 18 months. That on the road again tour mirrored the Spice girls 98 tour. From a member leaving in the middle of the tour before the sold out North American leg..to a pregnancy happening. Louis didn't get pregnant but word did get out. A one night stand led to the birth of his son.. We do know that Liam Payne shacked and bred with Cheryl cole. Though haters did share the video of his audition as a teen which she was present and sadly accused Cheryl Cole of grooming him (a ****** assault term) as a teen. They have a kid. Broke up but there was a massive backlash more so on Cheryl less of him. Even the British press played along with the theory. But need less to say. I think it's the worst insider secret. One direction is getting back together for a reunion tour and a greatest hits album. To celebrate their tenth anniversary.
  11. Like 1 month he is tanned, 1 month he is super white, 1 month he has long hair, 1 month he has short hair, 1 month he is bald, 1 month he has a crazy colour on his hair, 1 month he has his normal hair, 1 month he is super skinny, 1 month he is not that skinny... Like i've seen so many photos of him and he has changed more than my grades
  12. The dynamic between the 1D members is... interesting. For the most part, it feels like they don't have much of a relationship anymore. Niall was asked about Zayn, and he had this to say: Zayn just seems super super low-key and private. Do we have any 1D fans here in Exhale? What do we think?
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